Head to Toe Assessment

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Head to Toe Assessment

Examining a patient from head to toe is very crucial in health care as it aid in saving time. Examining patients for symptoms narrows down possible diseases that they may be suffering from for easier laboratory tests as well as faster results and treatment since there are very many diseases that affect people and testing all of them takes time. Assessing the condition of various systems of the body requires various skills such as palpation and inspection.

In examining a patient, one needs to begin with the most vital sighs which are temperature, pain, blood pressure, respiratory and pulse. A patient’s temperature is felt if above or below normal by touching the forehead. If the temperature is high then the patients could be suffering from malaria or fever. The nurse can feel the pulse of the patient by touching his/her wrist to determine the pulse rate. Pain can be felt by using a sharp and then a dull object to prick the patient around the area they claim to be feeling pain. The diagnosis of pain depend on the part that is painful since there are pain resulting from external injuries like falling but there are others from internal injury like abdominal pain. The efficiency of respiratory systems can be examined by listening to the breathing sounds. The individual should be able to breath with ease without struggle with any undesirable sound. Otherwise if the individual’s breathing is heavy with loud sound and appears to be straining then the patient may be suffering from either cold or asthma or heart disease explicated by Morris (2007).

The Neurological System

The neurologic.............

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