Guidelines for Preparing Professional Report

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LIB 205 Health Professions Seminar

Guidelines for Preparing Professional Report

General Format

A written report will be submitted on your preferred profession/specialty. The report should be 3-4 pages long (not including Literature Cited) with 1.5 line spacing. You will be submitting a copy of your report ELECTRONICALLY through TurnItIn on Blackboard. You will use various sources. Your resources MUST include the following:

  • At least one professional organization websites (AMA, AACOM, ASPH, etc.)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (
  • The websites of three professional schools that offer degrees in your career of choice (pre-MD & pre-DO students can use the MSAR – available in the Premed Library (Fennell 260))
  • MCPHS Program Handbook on the various health professional pathways (if applicable to you)

Specific Format

Title: Include the title of your report, your name, our course number and the report due date. Keep the title concise.

Body: The body of the paper consists of a number of paragraphs in which you develop your ideas in detail. Divide the research report into the following sections or headings:

  • Overview of the Profession:
    • Responsibilities (duties, tasks, time demands) of the profession/specialty
    • Specific training/education needed (number of years of each stage of training, estimated cost of education, types of financial assistance available, etc.)
    • Discuss the value and future projections for the profession/specialty in the US
  • My Story:
    • Discuss your personal reasons for pursuing this career. Everyone has strengths AND weaknesses. What qualities do you possess that will help you to be successful in this field? Explain how you will address your weaknesses and strive to improve them. What do you anticipate being your #1 challenge as you pursue an education in this field?
  • Admissions Requirements:
    • Compare the various admissions requirements of at least 3 professional schools that educate professionals in your chosen field and discuss whether you believe you are “on-track” to fulfilling these requirements. What grades do you need to achieve your sophomore and junior years in order to be a competitive applicant? The Projected GPA worksheet (found on Blackboard) can help you determine this.
  • Literature Cited:
    • List every paper or other publication which has been cited in your report clearly, chronologically, and consistently formatted.

Evaluation – The following rubric will be used:

Overview of Profession □Responsibilities, Training, etc. included. □Responsibilities, Training, etc. NOT included
Personal Reasons for choosing career (incl. discussion of weakness/challenges) □Personal Reasons discussed □Personal Reasons NOT discussed
Comparison of Admissions Requirements & Self-Evaluation □Admissions requirements of 3 schools discussed, student evaluated current competitiveness and/or makes a plan for future growth □Admissions requirements NOT fully discussed, NO evaluation of current competitiveness or plan for future growth
Citations □Sources properly quoted and listed at end of paper. □Sources NOT properly quoted and/or listed at end of paper.
Writing Quality □Good grammar and spelling. Ideas coherent. □Several grammatical and/or spelling mistakes. Lack of clarity.

Papers that are consistently poor in the above areas of evaluation will be given back to you for revision and resubmission.

Be sure to re-read your paper for grammatical errors. Use a dictionary or a thesaurus as needed and perform a spell check. Correct all errors that you can spot and improve the overall quality of the paper to the best of your ability. Get someone else to read it over. Sometimes a second pair of eyes can see mistakes that you missed. Here is a short checklist to help you “pass” each area of evaluation:


Are all sources properly cited to ensure that I am not plagiarizing? Are the quotes accurate in source, spelling, and punctuation?

Did I follow the guidelines? Did I miss anything?

Are there any unnecessary or repetitious words? How about words used in the wrong context?

Are there varying lengths of sentences? Are there run-on sentences?

Does one paragraph or idea flow smoothly into the next?

Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?