Greece debt crisis

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Greece debt crisis


The well-known journalist and writer, Andrew Higgins, in his recent article in the New York Times highlights the crisis. The big news that has captured major headlines in the world and has everybody talking in the U S and Europe is the financial situation of Greece of huge debts that are an emerging disaster. The article in the well-known newspaper has come forth discussing the situation narrating the underlying real issues. The most captivating article appeared in the New York Times discussing the same, and it was titled “Greece given until Sunday to settle debt crisis or face disaster”. This emerged after several world leaders met at the European Council to help support the Athens government (para 1).

According to Higgins in his article in the New York Times about the ultimatum by European Council to Greece begins by acknowledging the extent by which the debt crisis was damaging the economy of the Greece. The ultimatum was to define the seriousness the council took the matter and how much there were willing to help Athens government come out of the financial situation. Higgins uses the beginning of the article as a point of information about how far the situation as proceeded and what has been done and what is expected to be done as well as who are behind the solution finding team (para 2).

The writer further shifts to the actual happenings of th.............

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