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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction 1

2.0 Background to Call for Proposals 3

3.0 Objectives and priority focus of the call 6

4.0 Summary of Call for Proposals 7

4.1 Principles and approach 7

4.2 Funding approaches 9

4.3 Scope and eligibility 10

4.4 Resources and duration of 12

4.5 The grant application mechanism 13

5.0 What will be considered to be funding 14

6.0 What the organization will not fund 16

7.0 The assessment and evaluation criteria 17

8.0 Conclusion 18



There are many cases of vulnerable persons in society. Both mental and physical disabilities have rendered a good many of the members of the society unable to function normally hence the need for them to get special assistance from organizations that are interested in taking care of the need for such persons. Despite the goodwill of such dedicated organizations in society, it is clear that funding is the most significant challenge that ought to be addressed. Such organizations are profit-making, and for this reason, they rely more on grants and donations from well-wishers by all the standards of assessment. Governments and other organizations sharing the same vision often find it easy to fund such entities for them to be able to discharge their mandate of helping the vulnerable in society. The organization in question is focused on enlightening the citizens on matters of health by providing them with information and also offering medical care where necessary. Through such initiatives, the burden of medical costs has been eased by a significant margin. Quality health is a basic need though the poor and vulnerable in society find it difficult to access quality health. As such, the organization under consideration is out to make sure that the weaker members of the society who are the poor have their medical needs properly attended to. The non-governmental organization partners with tertiary learning institutions, governments both locally and abroad, and other organizations that share the same interests. The grants that the entity receives from the donors are accounted for properly in the spirit of accountability. The leading objectives of the non-governmental organization include the following;

Promotion of robust policies as well as systems that respect the rights of both physically and mentally disabled persons in society. These are in line with the understanding that these persons are the most vulnerable, especially during times of severe pandemics such as Covid-19 that continue to wreak havoc all over the world. The second objective of the program is to ensure easy access to healthcare services, including mental health, to the disabled and other vulnerable cases in society. Quality health has become the most important basic need hence the need for ease of access to be facilitated so that nobody feels to be left out. The third aim of the organization is to make sure that there is no discrimination against people with disabilities, including mental health cases. Such persons often face severe stigma owing to their mental and physical status hence the need for such dedicated organizations to stand in the gap and fight such vices. This is in line with the understanding that society should be the epitome of equality where all people should feel respected and valued irrespective of their appearance or physical formations. The three above-mentioned objectives are the pillars that inform the activities and decisions of the organization, and as such, they drive its agenda without making any compromises. Disabled persons have for a long time been neglected to the extent that their rights and privileges have been violated, something that should not be tolerated in the postmodern world where all people should be treated with absolute equality and without any iota of discrimination.

It is on the strength of the three objectives that the non-governmental organization has escalated its range of activities to try and address the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on not only the people living with disabilities, including the mental health cases, but also the entire society. Such high-level activities are meant to make sure that the information concerning this illness that has crippled the global economy is in circulation so that people can be on guard. The primary target, however remains to be the persons living with both physical and mental disabilities.

Background to Call for Proposals

Ever since the cases of Covid-19 broke out in Africa, the governments have tried to put in place measures that have the capacity to curb the spread of the pandemic. The month of March 2020 was the breaking point since most countries on African soil reported their first cases. The high level of unpreparedness in many African countries made the disease spread virally in one way or the other to the extent that most of the people ignorantly contracted it. Preventive measures continue to be fronted by the government through the big question is whether there is compliance from the members of the general public and also whether there are enough or adequate resources that are necessary for curbing the spread of the pandemic. There are few nations with ventilators in Africa, with some nations having one piece of such important equipment at this time of great need. At the same time, it is on record that the healthcare systems in Africa are a sham, with most countries lacking even the basics of the medical drugs that are supposed to fight common diseases. There are gaps all over that are making it difficult for the governments to be able to cushion their people from the menace of Covid-19 despite the frantic efforts by all the standards of assessment.

It is on this backdrop that a good many of the profit-making organizations have come up to try and stand in the gap and help the vulnerable people from falling victims to the coronavirus. To this date, most of the measures undertaken are centered on the emergency or relief phase of Covid-19, with little or no focus on the resilience and recovery phases. The ultimate effect of this approach is that those who have contacted the virus are left to die since there is little or no help that can be accorded to them owing to the dire medical health situation that characterizes the country. There is no hope for recovery due to the lack of isolation centers, ventilators, and other special equipment to handle the cases of the Coronavirus. It is little, or no room for recovery since the victims of the disease are shunned and left to die, something that should never be the case in this time and era. It is as though the government has been overwhelmed owing to the ever-increasing human cases of Coronavirus. The resources have been overstretched to the limit, and as such, there is no other option left than to rely on the relief aid and grants from the first world countries of Europe and America that have equally been hit by this global pandemic that no nation can claim immunity over.

The agency under consideration is thus focused on ensuring that the Covid-19 pandemic is put under absolute control in the country and without leaving anything to chance. Ever since the pandemic broke out, there have been massive job losses not only in the country but also in the world at large. Companies have closed and some industries, such as tourism being fully shut down. Many people continue to succumb to the illness as others recover from it altogether. The organization is thus making every effort to make sure that there is proper and adequate circulation of information related to Covid-19 and that the masses with specific attention being paid to the people living with disabilities. The preventive measures in the sense of what the people should do to stay safe and to a greater extent what steps should be taken when one tests positive for the virus are the major activities that preoccupy or rather dominate the activities of the organization under consideration. It is improper for anyone to think that such initiatives can be accomplished without having adequate funds. For this reason, the organization is out to put in place measures that have the capacity to raise funds and resources that have the full propensity of sustaining the activities on the ground. With the help of the governments and other interested institutions or organizations, the entity is looking up to raising the necessary funds to sustain its drive of combating the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the entire country. With such a focus, it is more than possible for the organization to raise the necessary financial resources if practical measures are put in place to accomplish this purpose.

The stakeholders in the country have raised significant concerns regarding not only the economic impact of the pandemic but also the effects that the virus has on disabled persons in society. such reports are echoed all over the world since most people inc,luding disabled persons continue to be ignorant of the virus and for this reason, continue to succumb to its left to right and center. The stakeholders are thus justified in their quest to find measures that will help in combating the pandemic by way of educating the masses and mitigating its effect on society as a whole. In as much as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a threat to all and sundry in the society, the persons living with disabilities including those with mental incapacitations are vulnerable to the pandemic hence the need .............

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