Government 2305 Bureaucracy Exam

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Government 2305 Bureaucracy Exam

  1. Demands/inputs affect _______ and turn affect ______.
  2. Outcome …outputs.
  3. Outputs ….outcomes
  4. The relationship between inputs, outputs and outcomes appear to be logical but may in fact be much less rational than the process appears on the surfaces.
  5. True
  6. False
  7. The federal system of government decentralizes the agencies of the bureaucracy, which provides these agencies their ______.
  8. Discretion
  9. Autonomy
  10. If the bureaucracy is not insulted from politics and the bureaucracy have the latitude to use discretion to make political decisions then outcomes may in reality be compromises.
  11. True.
  12. False.
  13. A government official who satisfices is one who is not focued on solving problems..
  14. True.
  15. False.
  16. The decentralized nature of the bureaucracy means that the public may have no clear picture of what is going on as rules and outcomes are created.
  17. True.
  18. False.
  19. Simon preferred that we focus on the ability of people in organization to use their discretion when they make decision and communicate with others rather than focus on the structure of the organization.
  20. True.
  21. False.
  22. In the arational/non – rational actor model Bureaucracy, use their discretion when they make decisions. Their own views, .............

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Government 2305 Bureaucracy Exam
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