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George Orwell

Jul 16, 2017 | 0 comments

Jul 16, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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George Orwell

Trusting the senses

Human senses are prone to many weaknesses, top among them being that they can be easily misguided. The human brain often filters information it considers irrelevant. Because the senses are quite fragile, it is best to rely on the head when making decisions. Complete reliance on senses could be easily interpreted as a loss of mind. Surprisingly when we act abnormal, people often say we have lost our senses.

Dreams and real world in Matrix

Many of the precedents have existed supporting the philosophy that the dream world is indeed a reflection of the true and real world. Such precedents came to life with the Matrix trilogy. In the movie what happens in the dream world happens also in life. Humans killed or who die while in the dream state also die in real life. A good example is found during Neo’s continuous efforts and desire to save Trinity from a catastrophe in his dreams. The movie itself is based on the belief that dreams become reality and reality also exists within dreams. This philosophical assumption in the matrix has awakened afresh the dream and reality controversy.


If an individual possesses true altruism their actions do not in any way seek to benefit the self but rather are directed at the benefit of others. In such a case, an individual is most likely to persevere difficulties and challenges because they expect nothing in return. Rescuing or saving people from hate is likely to brood feelings of inadequacy and greed which in turn may worsen the situation. It is of course best to save without expecting anything in return.


What happened to machinery in George Orwell?

Because of the impoverishment brought on to the population, the machinery was not destroyed. The process of destroying the machinery, Orwell showed was close to destroying a working elephant. Though the danger of machinery still existed, the machinery at the time was the only thing working for the population and hence economy. This is not to mean that the danger from the machinery has passed, it exists and in fact continues to compound itself.


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