Galenica company business report

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Galenica company business report

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Sustainability at Galenica 3

Analysis of Environmental Needs/Challenges at Galenica 3

Evaluation of Galenica Environmental Sustainability Practices 4

Technological Innovation 4

Changing Patterns of Consumption 4

Stages of Corporate 4

Five Stages of Environmental Responsibility 4

1. Compliance with Regulations Only 4

2. Pollution Prevention 4

3. Product Stewardship 5

4. Clean Technology 5

5. Ecologically Sustainable 5

Conclusion 6

Recommendations 7

Galenica Company Business Report

Evaluate their Environmental Sustainability of Galenica Company


Galenica Company is a global and fully-integrated provider of healthcare in Switzerland. Incorporated in 1927, the headquarters of Galenica is in Switzerland from where Galenica fulfills its role as a logistics and pharmaceutical company group (GALENICA 2018). The Company operates a large network of pharmacies and offers its reputable products and brands in Switzerland. Galenica also offers products from business partners including a variety of on-site tests and services for customers. The Galenica network compromises of nearly 500 independent and joint venture partner pharmacies the Company provides a noticeable healthcare services market command (GALENICA GROUP 2016). The services offered by Galenica are pre-wholesale as well as wholesale distribution services in the healthcare system. healthcare market in Switzerland. Against this backdrop, the report will present concepts of sustainability status at Galenica, analysis of environmental needs, stages of corporate environmental responsibility, and environmental auditing and reporting.

Sustainability at Galenica

The Company acknowledges that proactive and accountable actions contribute are requisite for long-term success and have an influence on the Galenica. Part of the goals of Galenica includes practicing social responsibility including the efficient use of natural resources for sustainable commercial exploitation (GALENICA GROUP 2016). The topmost management of Galenica supports several goals targeting sustainability of the Company that includes enhancing the efficiency of resource management especially energy consumption (Alt, Díez-de-Castro and Lloréns-Montes 2015). Through attempts to attain these goals, Galenica has increased its capacity for innovation and efficiency. Galenica cites motivation and employee awareness as part of its approaches to seek responsible and efficient energy consumption in the workplace (Garcia Martinez, Guijarro, and Poyatos 2017). Stakeholders of Galenica are adequately involved through annual updates as captured in the sustainability report.

Analysis of Environmental Needs/Challenges at Galenica

The activities of Galenica touch on several areas and impact the environment. The Company requires both renewable and non-renewable resources particularly fossil fuels to produce active ingredients and finished products. The Galenica production processes generate solid, gaseous, and liquid waste products including greenhouse gases (GALENICA GROUP 2016). The Company claims that it has taken measures to economically use resources efficiently and lessen the adverse environmental impact. The energy consumed at Galenica is in form of vehicle fuel, electricity, heating oil, and natural gas. As of 2016, impact on the natural environment. They mostly use green energy consumption at Galenica increased by 6% suggesting the need to rethink the approach towards efficient energy use (GALENICA GROUP 2016).

Evaluation of Galenica Environmental Sustainability Practices

Technological Innovation

Creative and beneficial application of technology is critical for a firm to realize significant global climate change. Previously solar energy savings and contribute significantly to a sustainable environment. Galenica indicates that it has pursued the reduction of energy demand via insulation of heating and production of hot water (Wolf 2014). The Company argues that it prevents losses of energy in the compressed air network of the Ettinger site (Christ and Burritt 2013; GALENICA GROUP 2016). At the Geneva site, Galenica reports that it has optimized cold activities that result in physical healthiness. For example, proper diet, ensuring that all meals are balanced, and taking a lot of water production. The Company also has enhanced that recovery from heating, installation of LED lights in the offices, and compressors at the Lisbon site (GALENICA GROUP 2016). At the St. Gallen site, the Company is commissioning an additional heat pump and installing the energy-saving light. Through technology implementation, Galenica has attained a reduction in steam consumption via optimization of configurations (GALENICA GROUP 2016). In its report on sustainability, Galenica has indicated that it has entered into agreements to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions and enhance energy efficiency in line with the Energy Agency in Switzerland.

Changing Patterns of Consumption

Individuals and organizations committed to environmental impact can opt to use less harmful services and products. In line with adjusting consumption patterns to foster environmental sustainability, Galenica has embraced solar energy (Schulze et al. 2016). Galenica in line with the Energy Agency in Switzerland has conducted a feasibility study of installing roof photovoltaic systems (Galpin, TWhitttington, and Bell 2015). The other changes are the renovation of building at several production sites of Galenica to attain energy-saving and reduction in carbon dioxide emission preparedness. Some of these changes include insulation of the new building with measures to save energy such as LED lights (GALENICA GROUP 2016). The other changes at Galenica focusing on increasing environmental sustainability are the creation of a new parking concept and reduction in hard paper printouts (Colicchia, Marchet, Melacini and Perotti 2013). Some of the innovative solutions that qualify as change .............

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