Future Regulatory Improvement

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Future Regulatory Improvement

Food and Drug Administration oversees regulations concerning food and drugs manufacturing in regard to labeling, packaging and advertising. The laws were drafted in response to increasing innovation in food and drug processing that involved the use of chemicals, most of which are detrimental to human health. This created the need to ensure production of safe, quality and healthy products based on predetermined standards as indicated by Jaffee (2000). Freedom of invention and manufacturing also posed a threat of malicious exploitation of the innocent public by the producers creating the necessity for their protection as well.

The conduct of clinical research regarding has been positively shaped by the FDA’s regulation. FDA has contributed to the ethical standards governing clinical research including laws regulating the use of human subjects with the aim of making sure the trials does not endanger the lives of participants. The ethical standards advocate for voluntary participation with provision of clear closure on the research details to participants in reference to FDA’s freedom of information clause as stated by Amin, Mc.............

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Future Regulatory Improvement
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