Frederick Douglass – From Slave to Abolitionist

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Frederick Douglass – From Slave to Abolitionist


Frederick Douglass – from Slave to Abolitionist is a film that narrates the role Douglass played in ending slavery and advocating for racial equality especially for the black people. The film narrates Douglass’s childhood encounter with slavery and that of his family and other black people. Further, it narrates how he ran way and become a champion fighting to end slavery. This essay will critically review the film (Little Dread). The film begins with positive note, describing how black people who have been slaves all their lives will eventually have their freedom. The theme song words describe a following, a movement towards the acquisition of freedom. When the civil war between the North and the South begun Douglas is a child. He is a hopeful child who thinks of the war as the only path to redemption from slavery.

John Marszalek, a professor of history at Mississippi University, says that Douglas is a major figure in the coming and the way the civil war is fought. He adds that Douglas represents the conscience of the nation since he keeps in mind that the war will also end slavery and bring equality to the Black people integrating them into the American society. Thomas Battle of Howard University describes Douglass as a symbol of strength, from his hair, which looked like a lion’s mane. James McPherson of Princeton University, says that when Douglass spoke he had oratory power, he had a very deep-bear tone voice. William Gwaltney, says that Douglas was a tall man with broad shoulders and great physical strength who despite being a slave kept himself clean. According to Blight, author of Fredrick Douglas’ civil war Douglass is a symbol of the best and worst in the American abolition history; this is because he was a slave born from a mother who was a slave. He was the best since he is the epitome for the end of slavery. Douglas had the ability to capture in words the meaning of America (Little Dread).

In the film, Douglas says that he has no knowledge of his actual age since he has never seen his birth certificate. He says this is because the masters made sure that their slaves remained ignorant. None of the slaves he ever met could tell of their birthday. Fredrick was born in Talbot County on the Eastern shores of Maryland. Edna Green, a historian at Howard University, explains that Douglas was not certain of when he was born and at some point, he thought that he was born in 1870. However, the slave records showed that he was born to slave mother in 1818. His relationship with his mother was a distant one since she lived on another plantation (Little Dread). Douglas never knew who his father was. However, he had the intuition that his master, a white man was probably his father. His master’s name was Aaron Antony, who lived in large white house that stood at the entrance of the plantation, a group of farms owned by Colonel Edward Lloyd. His grandmother at the far end of the plantation played child mud games raised Douglas. At the age of six, his

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