Social Theories of Aging

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The Four Social Theories of Aging

Social Theories of Aging

Aging is not just the passage of time, but a manifestation of the biological events that takes place over a period of time. Theories are sets of concepts and ideas inter related that have been tested scientifically and joined to magnify, clarify, enlarge and finally expand the understanding of people, their societies and behaviors (Davies, 2003p.23). Social theories of aging are concepts of psychological and social in older persons. The social theories of aging include activity expressed when adopting new roles and continuity, which includes social and physical activities retention from the middle years. The bottom line of social theories is that as people grow older, their social interactions, behavior changes and their activities they participate change. The four social theories of aging include:

  1. Disengagement theory

It refers to the inevitable process where any of the relationships between an individual and other societal members are severed, and those remaining are changed in quality (Binstock et al, 1996p.46).

  1. Activity theory

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Social Theories of Aging
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