Formal Plan for Great Ball of Fire

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Formal Plan for Great Ball of Fire

Occurrence of wildfire causes severe damages to human beings, animals and the environment since they are very difficult to control once it affects a particular area. More often than not wildfires are influenced by natural circumstances like prolonged dry spell as well as drought, and affect large areas. The average frequency of wildfire occurrences has been stagnant in the past 30 years as indicated by a research carried out by Dennison, Brewer, Arnold and Moritz (9), yet alarming. Wildfires is a global problem as the possibility of its occurrence is high during the dry season in tropical countries and during summer as it is normally facilitated by dry grass that covers a large area considering the undesirable current change in climate that has resulted to prolonged drought in several areas due to global warming. As destructive as these wildfires are, the unfortunate thing is the circumstance revolving around their initiation as they are often initiated by an action just as simple as disposing a lit match stick on the grass after lighting a cigar ate or dumping a lit cigarette on the dry grass completely unaware of its impact. These paper discuses wildfires dreadful impacts on human life, economy, animals, environment by wiping forests, and the ecosystem at large as it results to direct and indirect damage of invaluable resources as well as properties, loss of human life inclusive, and the possible preventive measures to minimize the occurrence of wildfires both in the short and long term.

Wildfires destroy people’s homes leaving them homeless thus forcing them to flee and live as refugees for a certain period of time until they reconstruct their homes or build a new home depending on their preference and capabilities. Homes located within or close to the plains where there are dry grasses and bushes do not always escape destruction in the event of a wildfire breakout near their homes. The damage of homes by wildfire is immeasurable and disheartening as the owners have to watch the fruits of their life time hard work and sweat go down within hours. The extent of damages to homes depends on a number of factors such as the distance between the home and the origin of fire as some homes are completely burnt down while others escape total destructions although loses their aesthetic value and visual appeal and leaves the owners mourning as implied by Bracmort (23).

Another depressing unfortunate loss cause by wildfire is that human life. Most of the time wildfire events catches people unaware and spread faster as it is facilitated by wind in a vigorous manner such that the only chance of survival would be fleeing the area. Often, the fire spreads in a such a pace that disadvantaged members of the society like the sick, children and physically challenged may not be able to keep up giving the able a choice between saving their lives or that of those they love which is often difficult to make thus resulting to the death of a lot of people in the end. The loss of lives is more severe when the fire occurs at night. This is because it completely catches people off guard and darkness that make fleeing cumbersome as explicated by Rowell (68)

Unfortunately, the fortunate survivors are not entirely safe as wildfire results to alteration of their immune system. The smoke and ashes inhaled by the victims do interfere with their respiratory systems and general function of the body as they have short and long term side effects. For instance, inhalation of large amounts of smoke could lead to difficulty in breathing facilitating the infection of heart and lung diseases. In addition a victim’s trachea system could be blocked by smoke thus may choke to death since the smoke produced by wildfire is often very intense and contaminated. The resulting ashes are not safe either as they are also contaminated thus result to different health problems, both acute and mild like coughs as implied by case studies

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Formal Plan for Great Ball of Fire
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