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A Comparison of Fire Departments and City Services in Stratford and New Haven

Feb 24, 2023 | 0 comments

Feb 24, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Fire departments

The Stratford rescue and fire department is driven by a goal to protect and make the residents of city of Stratford safe. Administratively, the department makes use of the electronic media in accomplishing its goals. The department is well equipped with apparatus to handle any emerging fire emergency or related incident. According to Bain (48), the department believes that to be successful, prevention of losses and serious injuries from fire related incidents is the way forward. This is because if their information can enlighten the public and prevent any injuries and losses, then their success can be measured.

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On the other hand, the fire department of New Haven headed by fire chiefs is driven by the mission of contributing within their authority to improve and maintain the quality of life of haven city through these activities:

  • Prevention and suppression of fire
  • Emergency medical services
  • Emergency management and communication
  • Rescue operations
  • Administration and training of the activities (Birch, 126)

Additionally, the staffs of the department  are grouped into different divisions such as the administration, investigation and inspection, emergency communication, apparatus maintenance, training, emergency medical service, fire suppression, emergency management, station maintenance.

However, the two departments share some similarity. Both have support services for civil defense which includes:

  • Staffing and managing the emergency operations centre
  • Coordination activities of the city that fall under emergency
  • Participating in the state and the federal programs of emergency planning responses.

Moreover, they operate state of art repair and apparatus maintenance facilities. Both departments are always ready to respond to any emergency whenever they are called whether it is medical emergency, fire, automobile accident and incident of hazardous materials.

City service systems and policies

The city hall of Stratford besides addressing the city’s daily business, the mayor’s office also looks into special initiatives that impact the community directly such as the civility in series of America, alert program of Stratford, the youth empowerment program of the mayor, the program of preschool readiness and the youth services bureau of Stratford among others. Bain  (62) observes that the mayor’s office is a hub of dedicated professionals that uphold the quality of life to all the citizens of the Stratford city to enjoy. Moreover, the mayor’s cabinet members are also dedicated and closely work with the mayor to improve the city, create new opportunities that benefit the city of Stratford directly.

In comparison to the city Stratford, the city of New Haven has only seen one mayor since 1994. The office of the mayor has strengthened the academics in public schools, build a city center which is vibrant, has stable economic base, robust traditional cultures and values, strong neighborhoods and social tolerance (Birch, 73).

The economic policies of the city focus on two key area; Pursuit of mixed-use development and making New Haven the biotechnology economic hub, life sciences and research industries, pharmaceuticals. These key areas have been realized with much success because of the dense population in the city centre and its ranking among the top cities with lowest vacancy of commercial rates (Birch, 78).

Furthermore, around Connecticut which has 50 startups of biotech, 39 are found in New Haven is and 20 are found inside the city of New Haven. According to Birch (108), the city of New Haven boasts of vibrant economic culture social entrepreneurship that strengthens the city’s desire of developing mix –income housing and commercial corridors promotion within the neighbor hoods.

Similarly, the “street smart” developed infrastructure which is friendly to the bicyclists and the pedestrians makes the city with the most lenis for bicycles in Connecticut. Additionally, the successes of their economic policies are shown by the recovered jobs in2011 that were lost in the economic collapse of 2008 (Birch, 124)

Tax collection

The tax collector’s office in Stratford city has the responsibility of billing and collection of all the taxes in the city. These include taxes from the real estate, motor vehicle taxes, personal property taxes, sewer assessment taxes and connection fees that are owed to the city (Bain, 119).

On the other hand, in the city of New Haven, the administration office has the responsibility of  for developing, improving and maintaining the financial systems of the city, practices and policies and the internal controls; to execute administrative and financial  decisions in an accountable and administrative  manner; to advice the fiscal board of the city and the mayor with respect to administrative and financial matter in accordance with the city of New Haven’s charter, state law , local ordinance and to give executive leadership  to the  divisions  operating and functioning within the administration office. Furthermore, Birch (114) adds that realizing this mission is their mandate to ensure that the tax payers of Stratford benefit from prudent and sound administrative and financial management.

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