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Media’s Impact on Feminism & Gender Roles- Annotated Bibliography

Jul 12, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jul 12, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Cameron, Deborah. Feminism. , 2018. Print.

This author has an in-depth address of the significance of the myth that is stuck to women from their birth till they reach their adulthood. The book enhances ‘beauty’s’ compelling misconception by society. The author has utilized a rhetoric element to effectively address how this issue has become universal and highly problematic.

The book holds great significance because as much as our world’s society is constantly moving forward in dealing with fighting for women’s rights. The women of the world today are unfortunately still dependently hanging in a societal developed thread to the pressures succumbed by gender in their earlier twenties up to their late sixties. The book will assist me in addressing the argument that there is still a great need for change to be made within society, for women to finally feel equal to their male counterparts.


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Dziedzic, Nancy G. Feminism. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. Print.

This author addresses the media’s portrayal of women together with the adverse issues the young women are presented to face in their day to day activities. The book thoroughly explores and identifies women’s societal pressures that emerge as a result of media influences and their approaches in representing a woman. The author addresses how women are portrayed making it significantly difficult for the women as well as young girls to perceive both their beauty and power. Furthermore, the book also identifies the roles of women in society as well as the impacts of these roles in their ordinary lives. The author also addresses the basis of women’s roles which forced them to submission to enable and enhance men’s position in holding power. Also, the book addresses the effects of society’s which are male governed and how this brings about an opportunity to identify the alienable rights which these societies deny women.

This book is highly significant to my Feminism research because it assists in addressing the pressures that arise from the media, together with the women’s gender roles as expected by society due to media influence. Moreover, this is also important to in-depth research due to its exploration into the male as well as female rights, roles, and opportunities that are granted to each. The author addresses the various actions which cause one to impact the rights of their counterparts.

Freedman, Jane. Feminism. Buckingham: Open Univ. Press, 2001. Print.

This author focuses on addressing the various gender roles in society, particularly those regarding feminism. The book substantially defines what women gender roles are, by characterizing and arguing on the movement process which helps with the issues which emerge within the traditional women roles as well as the stereotypes which are both efficiently evident within media and society. Moreover, the author addresses the adverse issues which are associated with feminism together with the failure of their male counterparts to effectively address the women in their society as their equal. The author addresses both victimization and the abuse of women in society. The book also addresses the various issues which tend only benefit the opposite counterparts.

This book is vital because it assists in helping me effectively define feminism together with addressing how society categorizes the feminist as well as women’s rights. The author also helps present an argument against the various societal stereotypes about both genders. The book is also important because it assists in addressing how the women in society are struggling with the opportunities they have been denied, as a result of the level of sexism in society.


In conclusion, the study of feminism and its societal challenges is of utmost importance in understanding the complex dynamics surrounding gender roles, media influence, and women’s rights. The books discussed shed light on the enduring myths and misconceptions attached to women, the pressures faced by women due to media representations, and the struggle for equality and empowerment in male-dominated societies. By addressing these critical issues, we can pave the way for a more inclusive and egalitarian future where women are not only seen as equals to their male counterparts but also empowered to break free from societal norms and stereotypes. It is through continued research, awareness, and advocacy that we can create a world where feminism thrives, and women can fully realize their true potential, unshackled by limiting societal expectations.

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