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Factors that Impact the Healthcare Environment

Oct 24, 2018 | 0 comments

Oct 24, 2018 | Essays | 0 comments

Factors that Impact the Healthcare Environment
Coastal Medical Center being an already established referral hospital under proper management has the capability to successfully diversify by building and operating an ambulatory surgical center (ASC). The medical center is resourceful in terms of clients (patients) and experience in healthcare management. Its location in a rapidly growing area of Sun Belt in the United States makes it an ideal choice in cases of emergency as it is closer to the people thus its viability in building an ASC. The hospital’s reputable record performance also makes it more marketable thus an assurance of clients. Although the hospital has heard some poor management strategy in the past, it is evident that with the formation of realist and achievable goals under reformed management, ASC facility would be advantageous.
Successful establishment of a project requires effective planning with the establishment of practical objects as the guideline as stated by Harrison (2010). Similarly, if I were the CEO of Coastal Medical Center (CMC), I would establish a suitable plan for the ASC. Therefore, I would determine the approximate amount of capital required to establish an ASC after analyzing the research findings concerning requirements of its establishment with a team of financial experts. I would then sort for additional funding from banks considering the hospital has been doing well financial. The rest of the funds, I would get from selling hospital shares to the public depending on the physicians interested in venturing in the hospital. I would also acquire tax subsidy as the projects major idea is to benefit the public as advised by Harrison (2010). Concerning the building, I would convert a section of the hospital to house the facility in order to start the project right away and expand later.
The hospital venturing with physicians is advantageous as they will bring in the required expertise. I would also bring on board dedicated, hardworking talented graduates from reputable healthcare training institutions giving them an opportunity to prove their competence. With time, the facility will strive to train more of its own physicians in order to aid offset the workload and guarantee quality care. As for the facilities supply, equipments and medication inclusive, I would acquire from reliable sources under a strict procurement procedures to ensure quality, reliable products as explicated by Ransom, Joshi, Nash & Ranson (2014).
The business plan for the ASC facility would outline the level of care that would be offered and depends on the available resources including relevant medical equipments and expertise. For instance, care would include diagnosis, consultation, observation, treatment and intervention as stated by Ransom et al (2014). The diseases treated may include diabetics and other chronic diseases.
The facility intends to benefit individuals from the area even those who are financially challenged through a system that would offer free services depending on circumstance and its finical position as recommended by Ransom et al (2014). For, instance in rear cases that offers the physicians an opportunity to learn since the area is dynamic. Otherwise, the extent of free services will solely depend on financial position of the facility and may increase or decrease.
For easier communication within the hospital as well as storage and access of patients’ information, I would contract a reputable IT company to set up the system and if possible employ an IT expert for its operation and maintenance. I would recommend for establishment of a central communication system and proper internet connectivity for the hospital as recommended by Harrison (2010). In regard to economic challenges attributed by and other factors, ensuring flow of clients through advertisement and constant reviewing costs of service provision would aid minimize negative economic impacts.
In order to ensure quality care is being offered, I would pay attention to patient’s feedback as they tend to honestly in giving an account of their expectations as well as experiences thus make amends where possible. I would also address issues of patients’ medical delivery quality protocols by ensuring that national standards regarding treatment of patients are implemented by establishing a disciplinary team to aid in their realization as suggested by Ransom et al (2014).
There are several difficulties that may arise in the healthcare environment that are likely to jeopardize the ASC facility’s goal of providing quality care. I would minimize hurdles caused by employee displeasure by creating a friendly working environment. Motivating the workers by offering them reasonable wages, create a suitable working condition and involving them in policy decision making would be on the agenda as well. I would ensure the staffs are enough to minimize workload as well as avoid overworking of workers. In addition, I would create a culture where team work is invaluable and patients are priority. Fostering trust between the patients and the hospital by ensuring the patients’ privacy is well respected and encourage physicians to build good rapport with their patients is also essential as explained by Harrison (2010).
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