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Key Influences on Undocumented Resident Numbers in US States

May 24, 2023 | 0 comments

May 24, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Why Do Some States Have A Higher Percentage of Undocumented Residents Than Do Other States?

Undocumented residents are the foreign nationals who live in United States without the permission of the government through visa, or are staying beyond the end date of their visa (United States. General Accounting Office, 24). Undocumented residents in United States are a demographic phenomenon that is complex and has been a major cultural change and population growth source throughout the United States history. The political, social and economic immigration aspects in United States have created controversy regarding settlement patterns, jobs for the non documented citizens, economic benefits, ethnicity, upward social mobility impact, voting behavior and crime. There are many reasons why some states in United States have a higher percentage of the undocumented residents compared to the other states. The essay will focus on the four main areas; family, region, party and unemployment. The number of undocumented residents in United States continues to rise in many states


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Re-unification of families accounts for about two thirds of the undocumented residents in United States yearly. According to Passel, Jeffrey and D’Vera (117) the increase of the undocumented citizens especially the Mexicans in United States has resulted to the network effect. This has increased the number of the undocumented residents as they moved in to join their relatives who are already in United States. The description by the Pew Hispanic Center is that once the extended families of the undocumented residents cross the national borders of United States, they form a network effect by building up larger communities composed of families (pew Hispanic center, 19).


In general, undocumented residents from Central America or Mexico come for economic reasons and also political oppressions. From sub-Saharan Africa, the undocumented citizens come for economic activities and also slave trade by chance. From Asia, they come because of economic reasons, some involuntarily as sex slaves and indentured servants. From Eastern Europe and Middle East, they come to rejoin their families already in United States and also for economic reasons (Chatman et al, 317).

Party (Democrats)

Party politics that favor immigrants have seen high percentage of the undocumented residents in states that are sympathetic to Democrat party. The Democrat party has always embraced the diversity of United States since the country has a rich heritage of immigration. According to Sarasohn (84), Democrats party supports a very comprehensive reform that is based on principles of accountability and responsibility. That is the federal government responsibility to secure the national borders, responsibility from the unscrupulous business that constantly break the law and the responsibility of the undocumented residents who live in united states.t5his is evident when the Obama administration based on Democrats party filed a lawsuit to prevent a potentially and extreme unconstitutional immigration law from being implemented in the Arizona State


Unemployment of the un documented residents is very high in united states and this has attrite a lot of sentiments from the public and the activists (Abraham, 970).According to U.S. General Accounting Office (29), some the undocumented residents in some states take away jobs from the citizens of America while in some states that are characterized by large agricultural activities and business the undocumented residents are many because they take up the jobs perceived to be unattractive. This supported further by the CBS News/New York Rimes poll report on May 2006 that documented that 53% of the Americans feel that the undocumented residents take up the Americans do not want (CBS News/New York Times Poll, n.d). 

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