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Exploring the Impact of Extending High School Education

Jun 11, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jun 11, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Should High School Be Extended By A Year

Technology: According to Amankwatia, (2008) there are so much inventions in the world today. For the learner to catch up with the new inventions there is need to come up with a new curriculum to incooparet the new inventions. This will come automatically with extension of school year. To students it will be an added advantage because not all students learn at same pace hence giving them time to learn more on the new inventions. Apart from that learners having time to learn theoretically the inventions there will be more time on practical part of it on the field which learner find more enjoyable and they grasp more, expressing their curiosity this is a common trait in teenagers. Learners who begun schooling at a tender also have to spend more time in school before being exposed fully to real world where only the fittest survive.


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Teachers to have this motion to their side because; more time is allocated to cover the given curriculum. The four years allocated for high school is not enough to cover curriculum effectively. Teachers sometimes rush the curriculum making the slow learner grasp less or nothing at all, this leads to school dropout or truancy. While the gifted learner in class who are few in a class learn fully. So if learner is added one more year the entire learner across the divide will be catered for and more practical work than theory will be done. Schargel, (2013)

Carrier parents are not left out either. Parents will be more at ease because they know where their children are. At school in the good care of teacher who parents trust the most.

Parent gives their best at work because their children are well cared for until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

Cons part of it is that learners tend to get tired and bored so fast, this leads to high dropout due to the nature of education provided which is mostly theoretical, age of the learner. Penner, et al, (1993) psychology of a child, some learner begins schooling at a tender age making them get bored and drop out. Learner also feel that there is no time to explore on their own due to too much work load at school hence they don’t express their curiosity fully.

Penner et al, (1993) States that, teachers also have families of their own; they feel their family are not given the required attention because most of their time will be spent at work than with their own family. They also feel that with the current inventions and technology. They also need time to study and get more acquainted with what they are to teach. Or even there are some teachers who are just have the urge to study more. By adding extra time to school time will make the teachers stagnate at one job group while the economy is growing and everything is expensive, this will make teachers poorer

In the states learners are given time out of school to attend summer camps where children are allowed to be children by attending vocational training they like and relax. This is their second home away from home. By adding one more year this will make learners default their summer camps making learning more boring and dropout to increase, indicipline to increase too. Penner et al, (1993)


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