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Shaping Early Childhood Education: Influential Factors and Impact

Jul 12, 2023 | 0 comments

Jul 12, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


You are a new employee of the teachers’ service commission as a commissioner of the early childhood development. Your first task is to lend a hand in enhancing the impact of the early childhood education. As such, the commission feels the public needs to understand more concerning individuals, theories, and events that have affected the role of modern early childhood educator, as well as, how these factors have impacted our contemporary learning environment.


You are about to discover how various persons, theories, and events have influenced the early childhood education and subsequently create awareness through a periodical to the populace based on your findings. In so doing, you need to find out more about Education Theories by investigating the role of teachers, the needs of children, kindergarten education, technology and young children, the preschool years, the primary grades, parents and families involvement, and community participation. In addition, you should determine the means of meeting the special needs of children, the theories and history involved, and the professional development process of early childhood education. Are you prepared to explore more about these issues on early childhood development? As you study these factors, you ought to keep notes in your periodical. Your task is to investigate important information about the issues herein. Your periodical will go through documentation for your study and used as a tool for educating the community on early childhood education.

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Part 1

Before you start, kindly search the following sites to obtain a general idea of Education Theories.

  • History and Theories of Early Childhood Education
  • Montessori- Education Theories
  • Pestalozzi- Parents, Teachers, and Community Involvement in Early Childhood Education – you will require clicking on the early childhood button to obtain the available information.
  • Professional Development Process of Early Childhood Education – click on the professional development button to access information

Part 2

For this section, you will need to explore a range of events, theories, and people who have influenced our contemporary childhood education and put records of your findings on the documentation sheet. To find out how the most suitable ways of enhancing early childhood education, have an exciting adventure about the following:





















Write in your periodical –provide answers to the below questions using comprehensive sentences.

  • What is the role of a teacher in the entire process of promoting child’s education and development?
  • What are the sensitive periods when children are more vulnerable to some behaviors and have the potential to lean certain skills with ease?
  • What are the educational theories in existence? What do they talk about in details?
  • Does respect to children help in supporting their development?
  • What are some of the important events that contribute to the development of a child?
  • What are some of the important contributions from individuals that have helped to enhance the impact of early childhood education?

It will be important, as well, that you record the teachers’ responsibility in the implementation of the early childhood development and identify its impact on both the child and the present society. For this reason, learn more regarding the duty of educators in promoting early childhood development.

Making children the core of learning

  • Teacher’s task
  • A sequence of drives/motives for cultural action
  • A special setting/environment for learning of a child

Motivating children in learning

  • Giving children freedom in organized environment
  • Observing children
  • Diverting inappropriate behavior
  • Identifying children’s sensitive periods
  • Meaningful tasks

Preparation of the learning surroundings

  • Orderly provision of learning materials
  • Provision of appropriate experiences for every child

Respecting all children

  • Modeling continuing respect for every child
  • Respecting all children’s work

Introduction of learning resources

  • Demonstration of learning resources
  • Supporting learning of children
  • Observing each child previous to introducing learning resources

Part 3

Now that gathering of your information is complete, make decision on which events, theories, and persons have made the greatest impact on the contemporary child education and development. You will need to put in order the periodical to enable the public have easy access to your collection, which in turn will enhance the impact of the child development in the society. Ensure that your decisions are the most considerable and that you have a proper presentation containing pictures with every success and impact of childhood education and development. Your work will be to offer the society with a periodical presentation.


Rubric for Web-Quest













Course of Action


Worksheet Completion

Fail to complete worksheet, fails to address all areas; has less than 4 attainments.Incomplete filling of worksheet; fails to address all areas; has less than 7 attainmentsWorksheet completed totally with 6 areas covered; at least 8 attainmentsWorksheet completed totally with every of the 6 areas covered; at least 9 attainments 
Course of Action


Importance of Attainments

Importance of attainments not addressed.Importance fail to address for both societies; provision of minimal supportImportance of attainments covered for both societies; with good provision of supportImportance of attainments covered for both societies; with good provision of support 
TaskHas one attainment; picture; lacking creativity.Contains two attainments; having pictures; not creative or very neatHas three attainments recognized; lacks pictures; creative and neatContains three attainments undoubtedly identified and having pictures; as well creative 


Support for attainments

Lacks support for options; fails to mention impact on societiesFails to support reasons for options clearly; mentions impact on societiesSomewhat supports reasons for choices; mentions and supports impact on societiesClearly supports reasons for options; relevance f impact on societies 
SpeakingFails to speak clearly; Deficient of rate and volume; many physical or verbal distractions; Fails to meet time obligationSpeaks undoubtedly however lacks reliable rate and volume. Some physical/verbal distractions; fails to meet time obligationSpeaks undoubtedly at a suitable volume and rate; minimal physical/verbal distractions; meets time obligationSpeaks undoubtedly at a suitable volume and rate; Lacks verbal or physical distractions; meets time obligation 
Summary ParagraphParagraph has no sense of organization. With the topic sentence uncertain- lack of support.Paragraph contains smallest organization- missing support, topic, or summary.Paragraph having proper organization, with topic sentence, 3-4 supporting information, and summaryParagraph having clear organization; topic sentence, 3-5 supporting information, and summary 


Format, Grammar, Spelling

Main mechanical mistakes in formatting, grammar, and spellingThe concluding work body has 4-5 mechanical mistakes in formatting, grammar, and spelling.The concluding work body has 2-3 mechanical mistakes in spelling, grammar, and formatting.The concluding work body has no mechanical mistakes 


Following all your investigation, at this moment is your chance to influence the public and the teachers’ service commission of the most important elements of improving children’s education and development. You will put in writing a well-ordered, sufficiently supported section defending your option or preference of the most significant childhood development events that promote a child’s education. Be certain to take account of a topic sentence, in support of details, and a summary.


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In the present world, people benefit through generosity with their efforts. For this reason, I grant permission to other persons to make use of, revise, and adjust this Web-Quest for non-commercial, public education purposes, provided its original authorship remains unaffected and credited. Sharing of the modified Web-Quest should only transpire or take place under similar conditions. Spot the Artistic Commons Non-commercial-Attribution-Share-Alike authorization for details.

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Personal Reflection on My Experience of Designing Web-Quest

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Tomei, L. A. (2008). Encyclopedia of information technology curriculum integration. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.

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