Evaporation, Distillation, Crystallization

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Evaporation, Distillation, Crystallization

Task 2

The poster reports on the investigative techniques used in the separation of the soluble solute in a solvent. In this experiment, the solute is salt, and the solvent is water. The techniques used include evaporation, distillation, and crystallization.
Techniques used in the investigation
1. Evaporation

Evaporation is a process where the liquid is converted to vapor to separate it from a dissolved solid or from a liquid that is higher in boiling point in experiments or investigations on how to separate soluble solid in liquids (Holland, 2005). The evaporation technique was chosen for the experiment because it is easy and simple to execute compared to other methods of separation such as distillation.
2. Distillation

Distillation is an investigative technique used in the separation of mixtures based on conditional and differences required to change the phases of the componentĀ of the mixture. It can be applied in a mixture of liquids, and the mixture of soluble solutes and solvents like in this experiment. During the distillation process, the water is heated into the gas phase of the vapor leaving the salts deposits, then condenses back into liquid form that is then collected. The process is then repeated to improve the water purity (Porteous, 2010). This method was obtained because pure water can be obtained
3. Crystallization

This technique is a process of solid crystals formation from a solution. This

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Evaporation, Distillation, Crystallization
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