Entering the Discourse: Essay on Drama

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Essay 2 (4-6 pages)

Entering the Discourse: Essay on Drama

After practicing with your own analysis, you may think that most critical analysis has already been done or said or thought about all the works we are discussing in class. Indeed, there is a large collection of articles in journals that review the same stories, plays, novels, and poems we read in class. For this next assignment, I want you to learn how to engage with the criticism that already exists for these works and experience what it is like to contribute to such research in a meaningful way.

Your first objective in this assignment is to locate several articles on a play from our class textbook or from the supplemental reading list provided on Blackboard. The articles you locate must come from one of the academic databases or be approved by your instructor. Suggested databases include: Literature Resources from Gale, MLA International Bibliography (many of these articles may need to be Interlibrary loaned), EBSCO, Google Scholar (use the link from our database list, not the general internet link), JSTOR, Literature Resources from Gale, and ProQuest. For a detailed set of directions on locating articles from our university databases, look on Blackboard in Weekly Activities for the online class on We that required you to locate a scholarly article. You will need to bring printed or electronic copies of five potential articles with you for the first prewriting day.

After you have located the articles and completed the first prewriting exercise, you have a few options for how to proceed with the essay. Different types of articles will lead you to different choices in your own argument.

Option A: Furthering the Discourse

For the first option, you may find that an idea from a particular article works very well in uncovering some new idea within the literary piece you have found. If so, you need to consider what you, as a reader, can contribute to the article you have found. Is there some other element of the play that would add to the discussion in question, even though it was not covered in the article? Is there a different play from our book that could be read using these same methods to better understand the overall purpose and the.............

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Entering the Discourse: Essay on Drama
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