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Steps for Successful New Product Launch: Communication, Research, and Media Engagement

Jun 25, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jun 25, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

DQ2: the CEO of your company has asked you, her PR manager to create awareness of a new product it is launching.  This is the first you’re hearing of the new product. According to your text and other research, Discuss the steps you would take in terms of  1) internal communication with management; 2) research; and, 3) contacting the media.  In your discussion, include the PR tools and strategies you would choose in each of the steps, and explain why you chose them.

Communication with CEO and Management

During the internal communication, I will sell the concepts of the new product to the senior management to get their commitment for the resources during the launch. Additionally, I will ensure I win the support of many departments to form part of the process of the product launch. For instance, designing, manufacturing, development, research, marketing and distribution (Cutlip et al, 2005).


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Research Steps

  • Internal Company Research

During the internal communication research, I will do communication planning which entails gathering of information and analyzing the company and the situation. This will enable me draw the needed information for the product that will drive the decisions that may come later in the process of planning.

  1. Step1-I will do analysis of the situation to ensure all stakeholders of the new product are in agreement.
  2. Step 2-I will conduct analysis of the company. This will include the company’s internal environment, the public perception and the external environment
  3. Step 3-I will conduct analysis of the key publics which interacts with the company (Morley, 2008).
  • External Media Vehicles Research

I conducting the research on the external media vehicle, we will ensure the most popular media vehicles that reach many people, that is cheap cost wise and uses minimal staff of the company. The most popular media vehicles include the broadcast, the print media and the online media.

Communication with the Media

  • Do’s and Don’ts with the media.


  1. Develop many newsworthy scenarios to showcase the message
  2. Build a good working relationship with the media
  3. Have a good kit for press like timely information on the company,management and sales figures
  4. Use every effort in spreading the word in all media rooms
  5. Keep promises especially on scheduled interviews


  1. Do not decide on the story the reporter should write even before getting the show
  2. Do not snub the little guys
  3. Do not pad the press kit with exaggerated information or gimmicks
  4. Do not hold a press conference with nothing newsworthy
  5. Do not make assumptions that the reporter knows everything of the company (McQuail, 2002).

What PR tools and strategies you’d use

  • Building awareness

Creation of awareness will make the potential market be interested in purchasing the new products. I will use the following tools in strengthening my efforts; press releases, press outreach, website updates, twitter announcements, endorsements and advertisements.

  • Building demand

I will use the following tools to create demand for the new product; email campaigns, referrals and tradeshows.

Media vehicles you would select and why

  • Online advertisement

Online advertisement will place adverts of the new product in the internet. With the large traffic number of the internet users, many will get to see our product and buy it online (McQuail, 2002).

  • Broadcast

Broadcast will entail radio and TV broadcast that reaches many viewers across a wide regional area. This will make the product popular in the area.

  • Print

The print media that will be used include the popular magazines, news papers and the Dailies. This will enable the information of the product to reach many people (McQuail, 2002).


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