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There have been many debates about various aspects of the classroom; however, none has raised as much controversy as the use of Ebonics in the classroom. In 1997, the California board raised the biggest of debates by recognizing Ebonics as a language that is both used and quite dominant in the schools. The result was that many researchers, scholars, and even statesmen came up. Some of course were in great support of the use of Ebonics finding it an equalizing factor in the classroom. On the other hand, some felt Ebonics was far from a language.

Benefits of Using Ebonics in the Classroom

A common problem in the English classroom is that majority of the students often feel frustrated and angered by the teacher’s continued correction of their English. Harris states that after decades of correction, management studies. I am sad when reporting that the experiences of the students are still using far from perfect English (42). In fact, in his analysis, he shows that American students though using English from b.............

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