Early Pentecostal Pneumatology

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Many people fail to understand who the Holy Spirit is. When Jesus rose from the dead, he promised his followers that He will not leave them as orphans but he will bring a helper that will be with them forever. Jesus was referring to the Holy Spirit in John 14:16 (Every Student, 2018). The Holy Spirit represents God. Whoever Believes in God would be filled with the Holy Spirit and Portray Gods character in his life. Oort (2011) refers the Holy Spirit as God’s given gift and also as a God’s being mode. It is a gift to the church from God the Father through His son Jesus Christ (Oort, 2011).
The Holy Spirit is further considered as the third member of Gods head, when referring to Gods the Father, Gods the son and God the Holy Spirit. In Christians lives, the Holy Spirit represents God in many ways. He tells the truth of Jesus and act as a teacher for Christians, as we can see in John 14:26 Jesus tells His disciples, “But the counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you”. He reveals Gods will in Christians lives and show people the right path to righteousness (Every Student, 2018). Not only do the wholly spirit dwell in the Christ’s believers but also the non believers. It reminds people about Gods truth and Mercy and that He can forgive sins and make them new.
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
There are individuals who do not believe in empty words, empty promises of the Holy Spirit. God illustrate the work of the Holy Spirit using symbols. This enhances the understanding of the doctrine as opposed to using empty words. The symbols are;
• Fire- it is compared to fire because the holy spirit is bold, it spreads and purifies like fire, Isaiah 4:4
• Wind-this symbolizes the mysterious work of the holy spirit, john 3:8
• Water – from the scriptures in John 7:38, “whoever believes in me as the scriptures has said, streams of the living water will flow from within him.” The fountain of the living water is compared to the Holy Spirit because of its purity, water restores cleanliness.
• A seal- a seal is a symbol of belonging, once the Holy Spirit dwells in a person you are Gods property Eph 1:13
• Oil – oil is compared to the Holy Spirit because it lubricates heals and soothes the skin. This is the most common used symbol of the Holy Spirit Even in today’s church.
• The Dove – a dove is pure, lovely innocent and patient. These character traits best describes the Holy Spirit Gen 1:2.

The Holy Spirit has been present from the early days of the Old Testament. God gave to Adam the gift of the Holy Spirit before it was withdrawn from him after he sinned (McMahon, 2011). The role of the Holy Spirit throughout the time has been to portray the glory of God. It worked in different ways, but most of all it manifested itself through the people who believed in God and passed message to the non believers or to strengthen the believers faith. The prophets from the Old Testament greatly depended on the Holy Spirit to fulfill their duties and to poses the wisdom in writing the scriptures (McMahon, 2011). According to Pearlman the Holy Spirit has several titles and one of them is the Spirit of truth. To understand Jesus Christ more we need the Holy Spirit to interpret to us through the prophets such as Elijah from the Old Testament (Pearlman, 1937). Other prophets such as Hosea, Isaiah, Joel, Ezekiel, among others were being controlled by the divine power of the Holy Spirit and demonstrated supernatural ways of doing their work (McMahon, 2011).
The Holy Spirit can also be characterized by the breath. In genesis 2:7, when Adam was created he was given the breath of life and he became a living being. This shows that it is the Holy Spirit that sustains a man whether he serves God or not (Pearlman, 1937). This characteristic of the Holy Spirit is categorized as the Creative Spirit in the Old Testament (Pearlman, 1937). Another category is the Dynamic spirit. This is when the Holy Spirit manifest through the speakers of God and who receive messages from God to the people. The third category is the regenerative spirit, this means that in the Old Testament the Holy spirits work was recorded and his presence felt but it was not .............

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Early Pentecostal Pneumatology
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