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Facts surrounding the case. 2

Identification of key issues. 2

Possible courses of action. 2

Evaluation of the alternatives. 3

Conclusion. 3



Facts surrounding the case

For a long time, Chris has headed a team that has continually provided exciting and challenging opportunities for her. Through the team, she has managed to develop a new product for which she believes would catapult DSS into the future of information technology and management. This is a matter that has not only drawn her interest but has in fact generated so much hype in her team that it has been the center of her focus. During the next meeting, she hopes to gain the financing that is an insight into the budget and scheduling for the new product release. However, the changes she anticipates are completely interrupted when the company denies the possibility of moving into the production phase of the product. In addition, the team’s objective which has previously been product development has been altered completely so that the team is now currently focusing on simple support for current existing products. Chris is now faced with a tough career choice as her plans are put in complete disarray.

Identification of key issues

DSS is operating in a world that is constantly changing and there is a need to continually develop new products which are in line with the changing tastes and preferences of the market.  This is what attracted Chris to the company and especially to the south Western team whose main focus was on developing new competitive products. It is to be noted that Chris enjoys and thrives in the challenging environment of product development.

Secondly, for a long time, the team has continually worked on the development of the new product. They have researched the market and identified the need for the product with the aim of catapulting DSS to the front of the market. However, the large districts are not in favour of the product has not seen the value that it will add to the company despite the research presented to them by the team.

Because of the lack of support for the product, the.............

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