Drunken Driving in Kenya:

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Drunken Driving in Kenya:


Drunken driving in Kenya is a major cause of loss of lives. An average of 3000 lives is lost annually due to road accidents. A majority of these accidents is as a result of drunken driving. Moreover, Kenya is rated fifth in road carnage (David Manoa). Seeing as a large percentage of total lives lost through road accidents in Kenya is as a result of drunken driving, it should be viewed as more of a catastrophe really. Thus the urgency to change these statistics and reduce of lives.


Drunken driving is as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol and thus intoxication which causes poor judgment of situations. It is also due to poor judgment that drunk driving occurs in Kenya.


The major problem is death and as stated earlier, Kenya is ranked fifth in this. Loss of lives is high with the pedestrians being most vulnerable. Among the pedestrians, children are most at risk. Drunk driving may cause injury in the evasion of death.

Guilt is also a problem resulting from drunken driving especially to the drivers who may have been responsible for public harm (Scott Mogul)


Although the problems seem few, they carry heavy consequences and great loss. It is therefore essential that solutions be made to stop drunken driving.

  • Addition of road blocks and thus check points by public security should be added especially at night to reduce loss of lives. In Kenya however, there is corruption at such points. In order to enforce law and order, integrity and superb supervision should also be implemented.
  • Laws that incorporate severe penalties found in the wrong should be implemented by the government. This will instill discipline in drivers and create safe living conditions for the public.
  • Administrative license suspension in the occurrence of guilt from drunk drivers should also be in cooperated.

These are just some of the few suggestions from the national motorists association that may help curb drunken driving in Kenya.


From all the statistics and information, it is clear that drunken driving is a major problem in Kenya and should be prevented and stopped at all costs. And thus save the lives of the people of Kenya.