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Discussion Week 7

Oct 23, 2018 | 0 comments

Oct 23, 2018 | Essays | 0 comments

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Discussion Week 7.
The Triumph of immaculate is a representation of the religious divide that existed between Catholics and Protestants. At the time, most people were strictly religious. The Catholics used art as a weapon against their counterparts, Protestants, to show the strength of God’s power, encourage monarchy, and strengthen the Catholic Church as reflected in the painting since the paintings shows victory by God’s power. Further, the painting gives an insight into the remarkable religiously divided that contributed to the establishment of various churches.
Washington crossing the Delaware is a representation of the American victory in the American Revolution battle. General Washington is a hero leading his men from the darkness to freedom and liberation. The painting leaves a great mark in the American history as it indicates an unexpected courageous move by Washington and his dedication to the war that contributed to the American victory.
The Painting the young mother by Mary Cassatt signifies their relationship bond that existed between mothers and their babies. In the painting, the mother is symbolized as being very concerned about the child’s well-being. Mary Cassatt has drawn more than ones picture on the same subject. In the picture, she was telling the world the hard work that mothers do to keep their children safe.
Betty Saar came up with the piece The Liberation of Aunt Jemima at the time when American civil rights and voting rights had been passed. Even with these rights being recognized black people still facing a lot of resistance and were not accepted. Racism was still at its peak and most African-American women were domestic servants. The three-dimensional painting represents aunt Jemima holding a broom and a rifle on the other hand. She is dark meaning that she is African American. The image transforms into a smaller woman smiling a representation of happiness. The whole painting is a representation of black power and solidarity.

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