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Sony Mobile Corporation Design Management 2

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Sony Mobile Corporation Design Management

Sony Corporation is a company that has recently employed the principles of design management. The strategic introduction is concerned mostly with the brand design and management. Declining income and continued losses in the company have convinced management and the executives of the importance of reviewing the approach to brand management. Few if any customers consider purchasing Sony products. Majority of the purchases are by simple lack and not a structured decision from the consumer. Sony’s design management includes:

Product brand design: the mobile industry has become overloaded with competition. Nokia and Apple are giving Sony a run for their money. (Schmitt 2014) states that the product design is an attempt to provide to the consumer a unique, exciting product that will meet their exact needs. It is important to note that the needs of the consumer are often changing. Research will therefore go into providing a durable, extensive and affordable product to the consumer.

Brand design management: the mobile phone industry is brand focused. Nokia and Apple among others have built on their reputations to create brands that continually resonate in the minds of the consumers, (Steinbock 2005). The brand design management will be ideally focused on ensuring that sonny is recognizable as much as competition and is also reliable. These are the customer touch points which will bring back excellence to a company that was previously thriving. By focusing on the brand, the company hopes to improve the brand experience thereby creating a market niche and a reason for loyal customers to keep returning.

Design framework

Brand strategy and management

Roles and Responsibilities

Design manager: the new Sony CEO, Mr. Kazuo Hirai has begun with finding an excellent talent team of design managers. These managers are responsible for the centralized strategy which will be adopted by the company. In addition, they are in charge of the various communications that need to be made to the different stakeholders. Best (2010) cautions that without proper communication, design management will be focused on failure. This is because, design management focuses on bringing together various aspects of the business to work coherently as with a project. Proper communication allows people to be aware of their responsibilities and direction that the company is taking.

Brand manager: it has been established that the Sony brand is barely recognizable in comparisons with competitor brands such as Nokia and Samsung. The strategy employed by the company includes employment of brand managers for all branches. According to (Brenner et al. 2008), these brand managers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that they structure the brand to meet the needs and desires of the local market. It is upon them to ensure that the brand becomes recognizable to the average consumer purchasing mobile phones and other gadgets which are in the company portfolio.

Human resource: as with any change in a company, the human resource factor plays the most vital role in ensuring success. This is because they are virtually responsible for the day to day operations. Line managers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all challenges met with the policy changes are dealt with quickly and in a sustainable manner. On the other hand employees will be responsible for maintaining the brand name as well as ensuring quality production and effective service delivery.


CEO: Mr. Hirazi

Design manager: Shizuo

Brand manager: Takeo. M




Digital imaging and professional solutions

Global sales marketing T. Suzuki Human resource


Manager design solutions


Benefits of Design Management to Sony

Perhaps the biggest benefit felt in Sony is a steady growing income. Although Nokia and Samsung continue to control a bigger portion of the market with Apple fast catching up; Sony is quickly coming up to reclaim its position at the top. In 2013, the company operated a market share of only 8.1%, this has been estimated to be on the rise with the year 2014 recording a rise to 9.6%. Sony CEO credits this to the new design management policies which have allowed the company to:

  • Focus on competitive products which are of high quality and are quite affordable. In a market where quality almost always means high cost, Sony has found the formula necessary to produce high quality, durable products at an affordable price, (Wilson 2011).
  • Become recognizable: the small market share was simple because consumers could not recognize and were not aware of the advantages offered by Sony products. With aggressive marketing and consequent branding the company is quickly becoming recognizable. As the rate of recognition increases, there are increased opportunities for the company to enjoy increased income. Kerckhove (2002) indicates that Further, Sony is the one brand in the market that delivers on its promises of quality and affordability. With the economic downturn, customers are quickly becoming aware of the affordability of Sony products.

Because of the above changes, Sony is set to enjoy a steady rise in income. The customer focus of the brand allows consumers to have a unique brand experience. Sony has managed to use design management to create its own niche, and protect its market share from the ever growing competition. Employees are also more satisfied with the growing success of the company.

Best practices for Sony

Design management has worked quuite well for the company, however there is need for the company to involve emloyees and customers more in the process. Borrowing a leaf from coca cola, the multinational has managed to bring together ideas of the employees and customers so that a winning formula has been created. Involvement of these two teams provides distinct advantages such as:

  • Employees are aware of what the company needs and what is expected of them. This allows the company to work as a team meeting the objectives of the design management much faster
  • By including customers, Sony will become aware of what they need, what they want and how the company can take advantage of the needs and wants of the customers to increase its own market share.


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