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Database Assignment

Jan 3, 2019 | 0 comments

Jan 3, 2019 | Essays | 0 comments

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Database Assignment

Question One
Compute the closure (F+) of the following set F of functional dependencies for relation schema R(A, B, C, D, E).

A → BC

CD → E

B → D

E → A

List the candidate keys for R.

Question Two
Write the following queries in Relational Algebra, for the following bank schema:

account (ano, bname, balance)

branch (bname, bcity, assest)

customer (Cname, cstreet, ccity)

loan (lno, bname, amount)

deposit (cname, ano)

borrower (cname, ino)

1. Select all loan tuples where branch name is Abha. :

1. Select all loan tuples where branch name is Abha and loan amount less than 200000.
Question Three
Using the above bank schema, find the Tuple Relational Calculus queries, for the following:

1. Find the loan with amount more than 150,000.

1. Find loan number for each loan of amount greater than 150,000

Question Four
Given the three tables below, write the following queries.


custNo custName custSt custCity age
1 C1 Olaya St Jeddah 20
2 C2 Mains St Riyadh 30
3 C3 Mains Rd Riyadh 25
4 C4 Mains Rd Dammam
5 C5 Mains Rd Riyadh


prodNo prodName prodDes price
100 P0 Food 100
101 P1 healthy Food 100
102 P2 200
103 P3 self_raising flour,80%wheat 300
104 P4 network 80x 300


ordNo ordDate custNo prodNo quantity
R03010101 01-jan-2003 C01 100 2
R03010203 02-jan-2003 C01 101 1
R03010102 01-jan-2003 C2 102 1
R03010103 01-jan-2003 C343 100 2
R03010301 03-jan-2003 C01 101 1
R03030601 06-mar-2003 C2 100 10

1. A DDL command to build order table, including all integrity constraints. Make sure that or dDate value exists and quantity value is always positive.

1. A DML command to answer: How many orders were made by customer C01 and how many products pieces did he order?

1. A DML command to list customers who have ordered the product 100. (Hint: use join)

1. A DML command to find products with price more than average (Hint: use nested queries) Ans:
Question Five
Describe Server-side Scripting and Client-side Scripting in detail. Also, discuss the key difference between Server-side Scripting and Client-side Scripting.


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