Dancing in the Streets Reflection

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Dancing in the Streets Reflection


In Barbara Ehrenreich’s History of Collective Joy, humans used to partake in various celebrations, events, and rituals. The occasions were either festive such as Brazilian carnival or somber like if funerals (Ehrenreich 5). It comprised individuals escorted by pipes, drums, masks, and costumes, dancing and singing along the streets. These celebrations were regular and officially sanctioned among various communities. The author gives clear information on the reasons for the occurrence of these special events among communities. She explains the development stages, which the ceremonies passed through until the 21st century, and the role played by the events to participants (Ehrenreich 57). The main basis of this essay is to provide detailed information about the rituals, clear evaluation and analysis of the history of collective joy by Barbara Ehrenreich.

The rituals began with cave drawing and developed to celebrations of religious rites, weddings, preparations for war, healings, and sports events today. Ehrenreich suggests the application of harmonizing individual activities to a group occasions. The events occurrence required special components including beverages, food, costumes, body painting, masks, headgear, and music and dancing. They happened along streets in a parade, procession, cycle, or athletic contests. The main reasons were celebrations such as the rite of passage, weddings or harvest bounties, and consolation in situations of funerals. However, with little knowledge of the rituals in the Western culture, they consider the celebrations as primeval distractions. The western culture triggered the ban of traditional rituals among Naive Americans and slaves from Africa. Apart from the European cultures, others also perceive dance celebrations as

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Dancing in the Streets Reflection
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