Customer Service to Millennials

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Customer Service to Millennials

Customer Service to Millennials


Organizations today are facing a great struggling dealing with customers with a vast range of various patterns of communication, priorities as well as expectations by generation (Gross, 2014). According to Gross (2014), the distinct differences create a level of impossibility to establish a “one-size-fits-all” technique towards work. Therefore, executives are in need of a strategic plan to determine the most ideal customer service to fit customer expectations today. Thus, carrying out a research to handle today’s generation; The Millennials; and establishing the best form of customer experience for them, today and up to five years from now (Gross, 2014).

Eliason (2012) points out that, an in-depth is crucial today more than ever company CEOs, and the sales and marketing teams, as well as the customer service leaders, carry the responsibility towards tackling this growing challenging of the customers’ expectations coming to collision with the drastic changes rapid advancements and developments in technological innovations and creations. Thus, Eliason (2012) states that company leaders are trying to grasp all the techniques that serve them best in serving all of the four present day’s generations of customers as well as integrating mobile, social media, digital, face to face as well as content-based strategies. However, the most challenging generation in the customer service industry today is the millennial generation (Eliason, 2012).

Therefore, having a deeper comprehension of exactly what generations require, particularly the Millennials, by tackling both the customer service as well as customer experience perspective, presents an insight necessary and essential in delivering these expectations (Eliason, 2012). Thus, Gross (2014) indicates that, determining a distinct difference between the stagnation as well as the growth of an organization. Nevertheless, this discovery enhances the value of this research towards what Millennials expect in customer service today, together with the quickest means of adaptation. Hereby, serving a solution to an issue and challenge to withstand the capabilities of an organisation’s customer service over decades to come (Gross, 2013).


According to Solomon (2015), understanding customer service amongst Millennials will enable organizations to substantially recognize the distinct differences that exist in the different generations, thus bringing different expectations, verifications in communication preferences as well as new patterns in customer service in regards to the ideal customer experience. Solomon (2015) further explains that this current reality brings forth the creation of a challenging problem particularly because organizations were established limited to a design towards accommodating the diverging customer ta.............

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Customer Service to Millennials
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