Curriculum Design

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Curriculum Design

The curriculum provides a guide for educators and learners within the education system. Curriculum design refers to the nature and preparation of the foundations into a practical shape. It comprises the formulation of goals, aims, and objectives of curricular, assortment of suitable curriculum content, and knowledge. In fact, it is the organization of curriculum components into a meaningful and coherent plan. The psychological, philosophical, historical, and sociological alignment of the planner strategizes the designing process (Bean, 2004). The notion of this paper is to explore the need for curriculum design and development, and the related elements in early childhood education. The assessment of the curriculum seeks to expound on its organization, identify specific teaching strategies used, and their influence on the diverse population.

The developers plan a curriculum that assists the teachers and students to encounter the anticipated knowledge products. The curriculum has four basic components, which interrelate with each other. Planning phase: goals, aims, and objectives include the mission, vision, and philosophy statements that indicate strategies put in place by the planners (Bean, 2004). Aims are the over-all report that provide steering motivation of the future products of education. They reflect value judgment and furnish educators with dimensions that assist in the different environment. Goals are a specific account of informative purpose, which can be institutional or curriculum. Objectives are specific reports of learning that generates either specific or general results (Gestwicki, 2011). In an education settings curriculum goals, aims, and objectives defines the direction of the education program. The aims occur in three.............

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Curriculum Design
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