Cultural Revolution In China

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Cultural Revolution in china

Cultural Revolution in China


Cultural Revolution refers to a socio-political movement formed in the Republic of China. The body started in 1965 during Mao Zedong’s leadership, after his movement: Great Leap Forward failed, and his government position began to feeble with a great increase in economic crises (Acfarquhar & Schoenhals 2006, Pp. 114-13). He became scared of the actions of other parties who he believed were driving the country towards an undemocratic direction. The notion of this paper is to discuss the purposes of the Cultural Revolution, the changes in Chinese views on the movement, and its socio-political effects on the people of China.

According to Mao, the movement started to reassert the beliefs he had on Chinese political parties. He wanted it to be a long-term permanent movement that adopts public opinion and good motives. Mao used the Cultural Revolution to re-enforce his authority over the government of China. He formed the movement to disapprove of the positions of other political leaders in the party. The revolution was to target the organizational innovation, and adaptability cultureChinese by influencing their opinion on the party leadership among three leaders: Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, and Deng Xiaoping (Gao 1987, Pp.107-201). Mao believed that the leadership of the other two party leaders was only beneficial to the middle class and the intellectuals. For instance, the Chinese education system was transformed and made favorable to rich urban families. He criticized the high rise in the number of specialists and experts in the Chinese economy. Mao knew that the only way to overthrow the people in power was to challenge their positions and strategies.

Another reason that led to the formation of the Cultural Revolution was to ensure equality in the value of mental and physical labor among the huge mass of Chinese people. The movement was to transfigure people’s philosophy and accomplish more economic effects in all fields of work. Mao Zedong’s main goal was to promote fairness among workers of any class (Acfarquhar & Schoenhals 2006, Pp. 114-13). He advised that all employees should receive better treatments and rewards. That is improved quality of employee inter-relationship in terms of payment and job opportunities regardless of their working industries (Kimball 2000, p.56). He encouraged the creation of a conducive working environment and other welfare such as life insurance for all workers. By doing this, he was certain of capturing the attention of the public since most citizens were victims of job discrimination and underpayments.

Furthermore, the Cultural Revolution was to destroy old cultures that gave more opportunities to the royal families. The heroes and heroines were the main characters in the health care, cultural factors have a strong influence on patients’ and families” decisions. Some cultural events and only the privileged attended such occasions. With the support of his wife Jiang Qing, Mao promoted controlled cultural productions by applying new ideas in art in all areas. His wife ensured continuous performance of the arts and made attendance compulsory to everyone. However, the movement encouraged many people to attend cultural events since this equipped them with more knowledge concerning their society (Acfarquhar & Schoenhals 2006, Pp. 114-13) During Cultural Revolution, the youths from urban centers were allowed to go to remote areas to share ideas and learn from the peasantry. According to Mao, this created a new society that closed the gap between the laborers and the intellectuals.

Changes of Views on the Cultural Evaluation

When the Cultural Revolution began, Mao planned that it would be a permanent revolution without any change in the authority. T.............

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