Critical Thinking and Managerial Decision Making

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Critical analysis of “How might language affect the critical thinking performance?”

Critical Thinking and Managerial Decision Making

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Introduction 3

Critical Analysis 3

Critical Evaluation 5

Conclusion 7

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The critical analysis mainly examines the article or others’ work of researcher to determine how effective the piece is at making a point or argument. It helps to express the opinions of the writer and in evaluation of the respective text. The analysis is mainly meant to break down and study the necessary parts present in the article or other work of the researcher. For writing critical analysis, the researcher needs to do two tasks such as, critical writing and critical reading. The critical analysis helps to point out the necessary decisions to what extent a finding or statement in the respective research paper. The evidence is being taken from various sources that both contradict and agree with the argument. As said by Manalo and Sheppard (2016), in this research, the research will do both critical analysis and evaluation of the article and the name of the article is “How might language affect the critical thinking performance?”

Critical Analysis

In the chosen article, the author mainly examines with the language proficiency and the structure of language that could affect the ability for critical thinking among the students. For studying the critical thinking performance the author had divided the study into two groups. The first one is the structural limitation in non native students’ first language and the second one is the language proficiency. The researcher mainly focuses on analyzing two studies. In the case of the first study, the authors had taken about 100 Japanese. The students who were selected for the first studies were second year Japanese students and these students had received guidelines in case of the academic expatiate for critical evaluation. They did not face any kind of difficulties speaking their native language that is Japanese. However, the language has more indirect structure and therefore, critical evaluation is very difficult for them. As said by Manalo and Sheppard (2016), the language proficiency between the Japanese and English was found to correlate that could affect the use of critical evaluation. In case of the Study 2, the same task was being provided but among 43 students who are from the first year.

The first year students did not receive any kind of instruction from the author for using critical evaluation statement in the report for the language L2 that is English. The analysis had provided the same pattern in the written work. However, it was being provided at the lower level. As said by Dwyer et al. (2014), the evidence provided by the first year students does not provide any kind of correlations between their evaluative statement production and language proficiency scores. The aim of the research that the researcher had found out was to find out if the additional guidelines provided to the students makes any difference or not. For this reason, the author has taken one group of students who are being provided on the production of evaluative language and the other group was not provided with any kind of knowledge.

The study 1 mainly focuses on two hypotheses; the first hypothesis is “evaluative statements were being provided in both English and Japanese that could differ” and the second hypothesis is “student’s proficiency in a respective language”. The first participants who are being selected are 110 Japanese stude.............

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