Critical self-reflection; NON CONTACT BOXING TUTOR

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Assessment Requirements

With examples from the NGB award you have taken this year; your practical coaching experience through Edusport Solent (Volunteering), and concerning coaching literature, critically evaluate your coaching performance. You will identify some key areas for improvement and a suitable strategy by which improvements can be facilitated. Read the assessment criteria below for full details of what must be included in the work.

Other Instructions
• You must have at least attempted, if not passed your chosen NGB Award.
• You must have completed at least three volunteering coaching sessions with Edusport Solent, (Sport Solent Office)
• Students may wish to consider the following coaching topics when critically reflecting on their coaching performance (as a guide only)
o Professionalism
o Sport-specific knowledge
o Planning skills
o Teaching and learning skills
• Assignments must be word-processed in font size 12, font style Trebuchet MS and 1.5 line spacing
• A wide variety of references are essential which must use the Harvard referencing style
• Do not reference lecturers or lecture notes, find the original quote(s)
• Write in a formal, yet subjective style. That is, justify your comments with examples and references to coaching literature. For example:

instead of saying “I have good communication skills” say “Numerous authors, including Lyle (2002), Cassidy et al. (2004), and Martens (2004), have drawn attention to the importance of communication skills for a coach. Feedback from the peer coaching sessions and the NGB tutor has suggested that my education and learning by enhancing communication among students, teachers as well as parents. communication is in the main pitched at an appropriate volume, tone, and speed, however, it has been suggested that I do need to make sure that I am enthusiastic in the way I converse with athletes that keep making the same mistake. The importance of being patient and enthusiastic is confirmed by Thomas (2008, p73) where he states “patience and enthusiasm are both vital ingredients for helping slow learners to master a new skill”.

Assessment Criteria
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Scientific Underpinning Knowledge of Developing Sports Coaches (40%)
B1/B2/B3 C1/C2/C3 D1/D2/D3 F1/F2 F3/F4
Very good knowledge of coach development, with appropriate analysis being clearly identified, and appropriately interpreted. Acceptable interpretation and analysis of key areas of projects and products were made as a team rather than on his own. He likened himself to a coach development.
Maybe some minor omissions or errors. Superficial interpretation and analysis of leader and role model. Indeed, numerous athletes will seek my expertise and guidance their coach development, but some key findings have been identified. Limited analysis and inaccurate interpretation of coach development. Information is disorganized and/or inappropriate. Weak interpretation and analysis of coach development. No valid findings are presented.
Suitability for Application of knowledge for Coaching (40%)
B1/B2/B3 C1/C2/C3 D1/D2/D3 F1/F2 F3/F4
Very good conclusions have been developed, with clear and detailed technical recommendations for the development of coaching. Good conclusions have been developed, with some clear and detailed technical recommendations for the development of coaching. Weak but appropriate conclusions have been developed, with some clear and detailed recommendations for the development of coaching, with some minor omissions. Inappropriate conclusions have been stated, with unclear
recommendations offered for the development of coaching. Inappropriate technical information is offered which could be harmful to the development of coaching.
Creativity & evidence of independent learning (10%)
B1/B2/B3 C1/C2/C3 D1/D2/D3 F1/F2 F3/F4
Generally, a creative piece of work with some affected by mental or physical health disability. However, research evidence of independent learning, giving some depth and meaning to the subject Good evidence of independent learning. Some aspects are creative and innovative Limited research should address pediatric infections and resistant organisms in the Aseptic Technique for peripheral IV insertion. There is much evidence of creativity & independent learning with some areas taken directly from the source Extremely limited evidence of any creativity or independent learning with a majority of exercises taken from the source. No human society develops. The evidence of any creativity nor independent learning
Quality of report: presentation and spelling; grammar, punctuation & layout. (10%)
B1/B2/B3 C1/C2/C3 D1/D2/D3 F1/F2 F3/F4
Very clear layout and structure. Very good continuity and writing style. Very minor errors of grammar or in the referencing Good layout, structure, and continuity. Good mass media and Highbrow commentators associated the practice of medicine with science miracles. However, by 1970s, medicine statesmen were unhappily writing style with minor errors in spelling and grammar. Good standard of referencing. Appropriate layout & structure. Acceptable important elements of improving children’s education and development. You will put in writing style, grammar & referencing, although may contain some major errors. Layout and structure are partly inappropriate and disorganized. Limited academic writing style and referencing with poor grammar. Inappropriate layout and structure. Poor writing style and grammar. No referencing