Criteria for scholarly EBP project proposal

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Criteria for scholarly EBP project proposal
Over the past 11 weeks, I  have developed a proposal for an evidence-based project in their area of specialization. This final paper is the culmination of this scholarly activity. All papers must be written using APA format and a professional writing style. The proposal should include the following sections and content.
Part 1 – Introduction – Week 2

  • Introduction
    • Practice issue
    • Summarize the practice issue in need of change providing background information about the organization (setting) and the perceived significance and severity of the problem
    • Describe the specific aims of the project – what improved outcomes do you hope to achieve
  • PICOT question – State your question in PICOT format, labeling each part with P-I-C-O-T in parentheses
  • Significance – what i.............

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Criteria for scholarly EBP project proposal
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