Counseling and Sexual Orientation

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Executive Summary

The AJ method is used in ethical decision making. The method involves a five-step process that is followed when making decisions. In the first step information is gathered and ethical questions are asked. The ethical question in this case is with regards to the moral dilemma that is present; there are no moral dilemmas since the counselor owes the patient the duty to offer counseling services. The second step is creative problem solving that sets rules that define the relationship. The third step is listing of the pros and cons, the pros for treating the patient are much more than the cons and the cons of treating the patient are more. The next stage is the evaluation stage where the strengths for the list of pros and cons are weighed. The last stage is justification that has an introduction, for example the counselor should treat the patient. Then the support for the intro, which gives reasons why the patient deserves treatment. There is also the defense that answers the second option questions. The last part is the summary that has the final decision of the ethical issue.

Counseling and Sexual Orientation


Sexual orientation refers to the sexual and emotional traction of person. Sexual orientation ranges from those people who are attracted to either sexes, those attracted to the same sex or those attracted to different sexes. Sexual orientation is determined by both biological and environmental factors (Borden 60). Counselors are expected to adhere to ethics when handling different kinds of patient. Counseling involves giving the patient a chance to talk about their feelings and guide them accordingly. In the case study scenario provided he patient in question is gay and requires counseling services. Being the best counselor in the town who exercises ethics in her work I will listen to the patient (Stracuzi et al 303). This paper shall explain my ethical decision s per the case study provided. With the use of the AJ method I will provide arguments that will guide my moral decision making.

The AJ, also known as the analysis and justification method provides procedure to follow when one is faced with n ethical issue. It is expected that as one goes through the guides and steps they should carefully analyze and give justifiable way of handling the situation. The four steps in the AJ method re referred to as the neutral steps since they involve analysis lone. In the last step, one is then required to make a decision, by giving reasons for the decisions. The AJ .............

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Counseling and Sexual Orientation
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