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Coping with Cancer Through Spirituality: A Patient Interview Transcript and Analysis

Jan 23, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jan 23, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


Patient Interview Transcript.

  • How long have you survived as a patient and how has that affected you and your family?

It has been years since I was diagnosed with cancer. The disease has drained me for some time and thanks to my family and friends for their support. The hospital atmosphere and the confinement into this rooms and machines are another nightmares me. My family has been the pillar for my survival so far.

• Where do you draw your strength and hope other than the family?

The church has come in handy, the spiritual readings of the holy book have been the yardstick I lean on. The hope that healings and miracles are drawn from the teachings provide another opportunity to live a new life again. The church leaders have been frequent visitors to the hospital to provide strength and hope for a better health.

• What kind of spiritual support do you expect from the church?

Since the church has formed the strong shoulder to lean on, prayers from the congregation and the church clergy indeed can go a long way toward healing from this cancer disease ruining my life.

• What spiritual goals have you set if the cancer disease continue to eat into your health?

The health practitioners are doing their part and to that extent am thankful. The goals are clear, living a pure life free from sin and to challenge those who have an issue with life to seek the kingdom first. When finally the hour comes, I will have made fences with my enemies and pray no one goes through the same suffering from this deadly disease of cancer.

Have you thought of the extreme circumstance of death from the suffering?

I always wish that time comes when am reading my Bible and continuing with the spiritual preparation for my life because I did my part. The rest does not fall in anyone hands, and it is not the problem of anyone for my situation.

Given your illness, how do you overcome day after day experiences?

The awareness is necessary for those who are healthy, and screening is vital at an early stage so that the situation does go beyond recovery like now my case. The spiritual intervention will take a chunk of my time and prepare for the best as well as the worst.

Part 11

Analysis of the Interview.

Conducting the interview was an experience of a lifetime. The patient look more tired and drained and proceeding with an interview at the time stopped to allow the patient gather strength to proceed (Kunz, 1995).

The situation was more devastating given the age of the patient. Seeing the 26-year-old female on hospital bed suffering from the world leading killer, cancer, telling an inspirational story on the way forward added value to the interview. This is part of the interview where the patient was urging fellow youth to come out and go for screening to avoid last-minute agony was a success.

What I would do differently in the future interview is send the survey questions earlier to the intended interviewee so that they acclimatize to the practice ahead. The main challenge is getting a go-ahead from the health facilities to access the patient especially those under close monitoring from the medical practitioners given the level of risks posed by such exercises.

The situation at the hospital allows the patients to dedicate their time for spiritual nourishment, and the suffering pushes the patient more to the holy nourishment.



Kunz, D. (1995). Spiritual healing. Wheaton, IL: Quest Books.


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