Competing Values Framework

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Competing Values Framework


The results from different studies, academic testing and researches for over 25 years shows that Competing Values Framework is a model that is broadly applicable and fosters leaders who are successful, improves effectiveness of an organization and promotes creation of value. Cameron et al (1999) adds that the Competing Values Framework premises contain four competing values within each enterprise: create, collaborate, control and compete. These values tend to compete in a sense for the organization’s limited resources such as time, funding and people.  How the organization’s leadership responds to the created tension between these competing values will eventually shape the practices, culture, products and innovation of the company.

According to Cameron (2006), the Competing Values Framework first emerged during the organizational culture and effectiveness research and ever since many studies has validated it. Organizational effectiveness concept is simple to understand but deceptive. Quinn (1990) asks how we know the effectiveness of an organization than the other. To satisfactorily answer this question, it is important to consider that not all organization leaders and organizations will reach a consensus on the meaning of the effectiveness of their organization. Moreover, how does culture of an organization get assessed and get to understand if one culture of an organization is different from another organization?

According to Belasen et al (2008), managers and different leaders of organizations confront regularly issues such as how to organize and utilize the resources, how to innovate and how to grow collectively and change as one system. Therefore, leaders must learn how to confront these and other related issues while also recognizing that doing so effectively and within the organizational cultures scope require the everyday’s tension’s awareness that is found within their own organizations. Thus, these positive tensions that are competing make up the Competing Values Framework (Cameron et al, 1999).

Cameron (2006) explains that the x- axis or the horizontal axis of the competing values  framework indicates  the organizational focus’ tension as reflected  in a contrast between person oriented and internal focus(towards left) and organization-oriented and external focus (upwards right). Similarly, the vertical axis or the y axis indicates differing perspective tension  on the structure of the organization as shown in a contrast between change and interest in flexibility(toward the top) and  control and an interest in stability(toward the bottom).

Furthermore, Quinn (1990) explains that every quadrant has two quadrants that are complementary-they are on the either sides, and one highly contrasted quadrant that is directly diagonal.

Competing Values Framework and individual outcomes

Belasen et al (2008) explains that the questionnaire for assessment has been developed within the competing values formwork to illustrate three dimensions. They include:

  1. The purposes or the future outcomes that an individual desires to achieve
  2. The current individual practices
  3. Approach of leadership of each individual of a team or an organization

According to Cameron et al (1999), people who are aligned among the dimensions of practices, purposes and people will be effective than individuals or managers who are not aligned at all. The Competing Values Framework illustrates various tensions in the way definition of effectiveness is done. Cameron (2006) further elaborates that the main message of Competing Values Framework is that despite the various ways of giving definition to individuals effectiveness, it is of great importance that people appropriately align themselves to their own definition of effectiveness. Once aligned, individuals can identify their sweet spot of innovation and realize positive outcomes they desire.

According to Quinn (1990), the assessment evalu.............

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Competing Values Framework
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