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Comparing the Features and Impact of Facebook, Ello, and Experience Project

Dec 26, 2022 | 0 comments

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Dec 26, 2022 | Essays | 0 comments


The revolution that has captured the globe in terms of social networking spreads so fast that everyone scrabbles to join. The existence of Facebook, Ello and Experience project provides the billions of people globally the chance to join the biggest trending network to exchange ideas and life experiences. The results of the three networks have been amazing, and the right of choice among the audiences and users are guaranteed. The social networking system developed from mere communication platforms and integration forums into huge and prospering business that is generating billions of dollars in profit and revenue (Muffett, 2014).

The sites are built in a manner that allows users of the certified age group for registration and has self-made messaging services where the users communicate among individuals and as a group with friends. The similarities are evident so are the differences are clear. The business community and major established companies have been enjoined by the social network system and partnered in the business. The common trend now worldwide is that every company that does not embrace social networking is doomed and the strategy to add more people and capture the attention is through this model of networking.



Facebook is built in a manner that allows privacy in the usage where shared content can be accessed by the users. The site has been protected, and until one registered content users shares the site with another, then the communication is limited to the users shared only. The development of the social network has had its share of challenges and over time more and more security features were added. That led to a partnership with mail.com to allow follow up when the site is used to spread hate speech and comments that attacked women and children globally (Napier, 2014).

In terms of hardware and software, the system has developed several of them, and this been over time given the innovations and transformation the Facebook has gone through. Some of them includes Notes, which allow the users the opportunity to share more images and blogging tags. Then Chat and Messaging services are embedded into the system and allow the users the opportunity to passing information. Furthermore, the gift and marketplace services are involved, and several companies and individuals are taking advantage of this to operate online to other markets. Lastly, more of voice calls, video calling, and video viewing are some of the software incorporated to enable users experience more for a monolithic application.

The Facebook’s algorithm program development has been through several advancement to filter the false and true content of information ensure the audiences get the differences. This builds trust and honesty among the business community in the world whether emerging or established.

The technical perspective of Facebook is that it is built into one monolithic application. This means that the development is in PHP, which the company engineers have transformed it into a C+++ platform. The data then is transmitted to servers and stored in several machines built strategically within their headquarters in Menlo Park California.

The engagement that the company has had resulted in rise in the total revenue over years from the figures of $ 7.872 million dollars in2013 to $ 12,466 million dollars in 2014 and has involved others in partnership which resulted in boosted incomes. This led to the decision of buying of WhatsApp Company are incorporated it into the mainstream of social networking.


The trend globally has been on social networking and coming on of the Ello social network services adds to that demand. This came up in 2014, and it is a free network that provides alternatives to the already existing, such as the Facebook, Twitter. At the moment, its growth has been amazing, and more audiences are given the opportunity to communicate more to friends (Benson, 2014).

Ello has developed several features inbuilt to enable it operational that include the emoji autocomplete and the NSFW settings. Its advancement strategy is to add more features messaging and hashtag integration services into their system that are being enjoyed by the competitors like Facebook and Twitter.

Ello comes up as one of the simplest social network services though this has not gone well with others but given when it hit the runway then more can be anticipated.


This is the third social networking system that adds alternatives to the already existence. It is based on a free website where it uses the community and group experiences to form the network. The operations are different from others because the experience project allow the users the opportunity to join groups that have similar experiences. So majorly its existence relies on the groups that face similar life experiences.

It has developed other features within the program such as the blogs and trivia games for its users. The members are growing to millions and millions that enjoy the services. The thinking is similar to other social network system (Torsten, 2012).



The social network programs are enabled to store information in the form of data in several machines placed at particular stations. The data are served in servers in largely built memories placed within computers hardware. The memories are two in type: internal and external memories placed within the hardware of the computer and mobile phones that access internet services that enable operation of the social network system.

As suggested by FINCHER et al. (2011) to retrieve the same information that is stored on the servers in terms of data and placed in a database, and then retrieval process uses the system of queries. The queries are in two forms: one, selection query and update query. This process helps get information from the database. The retrieval process uses the World Wide Web that links a various computer to the several database that stores the data information. Through the links, the information is easily available to and from the data.

The social network system has evolved to giants companies making business communities diversify into other ventures. The business diversification has cropped into organizations especially marketing department. The companies use the social media to reach most of the markets locally and internationally (SCOTT 2000).

In the entire business world, the aspect of marketing and business relies most of its strategies on social networking. The emergence of the online business has developed and encouraged the upcoming of this business and eventually the growth of social network program.

The legal aspect of the social network is most are paraded in courts of law on using the social media to propagate unwanted messages. Different states have incorporated the social network into policy and laws to regulate the markets. The complaints have been enormous, and several people are taking more legal actions when they feel there is an infringement of their privacy and freedom. The social system are built in a manner that protects the users and their details stored in coded data that the program to decode them are protected with the developers of Facebook, Ello and Experience project. The developers are aware of the trend, and such cases are handled within and without the social network organization.


The several relevant information regarding the social network programs highlighted above go a long way into the new markets trends and the organizations. The organizations department are embracing the trend, and most are investing in the media for the purposes of revenue.

The three social network in communication and business are overtaking the boardroom strategy that spends more on the television and print media but instead more are strategies are developed on the social network system because of the reachability of the audiences. The number of the users that are captured in the system is a base that no organization or company that can be wished away.

The three social network communication are similar in terms that are most use the registration for usage. According to KNOKE (2008). The security aspects are embraced in all and given the priority to protect the details of their subscribers. As most people will say the future, of most organizations, is to incorporate the social network system that handles communication for marketing for major brands and products.

The legal and business of the most companies is relying on the policies framework of the three providers to avoid legal suit. But, over time the trend is worth investing and adding more innovations and research to the expansion of social network system (SHOTTS, 2013)


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