Comparison/ Contrast about Creation Myth

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Comparison/ Contrast about Creation Myth

  1. Creation Theories

The first lines in the first section of the bible states that “in the beginning God create heaven and earth” this means that the earth had no form, it was full of darkness and it dint contain anything. After that event, God continued to create different things day by day as according to Carlson, Richard and Tremper (25) as explained below in details;

First Day: God created light and light was separated from darkness that occurs at different time of the day.

Second Day: God created the universe that separated water and sky.

Third day: God created the earth and the sea and later on the same day God created plants and animals to live in. the earth is the dry land where plants can grow and animals can either live in waters or on the land.

Fourth day: God made moon, sun, stars and other objects in the skies that are important in providing light and influencing climatic conditions necessary for the existence of animal and plants created in the second day. Also, these items were used to signify the beginning or the ending of seasons such as daytime, nighttime, month and years.  Climatic condition can also be influenced by items create in fourth day such as hotness, cold, windy, rainy seasons that have major impact of land and water (Carlson, Richard F & Tremper, 33)

On the fifth day: God created creatures for filling the sky and water. They include winged birds and aquatic animals.

On the sixth day, God made animals that were to exist on the land and later made human being to rule over these animals. Human being was the man and a woman who were called Adam and Eve. While creating a human being, God ensured that they have resembled him and gave then more knowledge and powers to do things than all the other animals.

On the last day God rested having finished creating things and this day God made it holly. In this day, God rested and resting portrays the need for refreshing that every human being requires for the sake of relieving our inner self from effects of stress, strain, tiredness and other aspects in social lives (Carlson and Longman, 42).

In the begin chapters of the bible, the genesis 1st, the book give two characters who include, the man and God who represents the biblical drama. God is the centre-stage while the main theme is to portr.............

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Comparison/ Contrast about Creation Myth
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