Comparative Politics

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Comparative Politics


Do you consider the conservative party under Margaret Thatcher and the Labour Party under Tony Blair to have been catch-all parties?

Catch all parties is a group particularly a political coalition which accommodates people of diverse beliefs, backgrounds and principles (McAnulla, 2006). The conservative party traditionally was not concerned overly with having politicians representing the broader public. In fact, they had a strong elitist view with a belief that society had a natural hierarchy, they were born to rule and were duty bound to govern the society generally. Under the leadership of Margret Thatcher, the Conservative party tried a direct attempt at gaining the support of a section of the working class. However, despite the claims of representing the general population, the conservatives still established themselves as the party that was most competent in governance hence does not qualify as a Catch all party (McAnulla, 2006).

The Labour party under Tony Blair was established by the trade unions to provide representations of the working class in politics. While the lab.............

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Comparative Politics
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