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Security communication prevents authorized persons or interceptors from accessing the communication message in the intelligible form while relaying the content to the recipients intended. According to Rosner et al (76), communication is secure when two entities are making communication and does not want any intruder or a third party to listen to them. For that reason, they communicate in a manner that cannot be eavesdropped on or intercepted.

According to Cartwright (117), for success to be realized in a project, a great deal of communication is required. It is the benchmark of all interactions in the world. To keep the communication skills secure and sharp, the following do’s and don’ts are essential. The Do’s include being direct and clear. That means that an individual needs to speak or write the message without ambiguity and direct to the point. The second dos are to paraphrase to be clear and to ensure the receiver understands. Be respectful is also important. This means looking in the face, using the name of the other person, and nodding to show you understand. Furthermore, the communicator can also tailor the conversation according to the target audience. Lastly is to communicate face to face when the information to be conveyed may result in questions or id difficult (Rosner et al, 97).

According to Cartwright (121), the don’ts of communication include not giving much attention to phones than the people. Constant texting and checking of phones are not right. Secondly, abbreviations should not be overused. Additionally, monopolization of the communication should be avoided. The communication should flow both ways. A person should not get upset or react as it will make one not think clearly and create a bad impression. Lastly, do not interrupt and allow every one his share (Rosner et al, 101).

Cartwright (123) suggested that to eliminate any communication breakdowns on performance is to first eliminate perception differences and to use simple language. This includes clear and simple words well emphasized. Furthermore, to eliminate the breakdowns in communication, an individual should reduce or eliminate the levels of noise and listen actively. Active listening implies a proper understanding of the information or message that is heard.

Similarly, one should control the emotional state and use body language to relay points. Information overload should be avoided during communication in addition to giving back constructive feedback. Lastly, to eliminate the communication breakdown, the medium of communication should be selected properly.

According to Rosner (116), evaluations should be set every quarter to communicate well. In an organization, the processes that make employees understand clearly and execute their expectations of performance have these components:

  1. The strategic planning process for the organization defines the overall objectives and directions.
  2. A strategy of communication that shows every employee where their work and the required outcomes align within the larger strategy of the company
  3. A goal-setting process, feedback, evaluation, and accountability that allows employees to understand how they are doing
  4. Total organizational support for the significance of clear expectations of performance communicated through the cultural expectations, responsibilities of the manager, recognition and reward, and organization folklore on heroic accomplishments.

The four flows of communication

The four flows concentrate on how communication is conducted within and outside the organization. I think in any relationship especially in an organizational relationship communication is very important. Through communication, process decisions are made and errors corrected. The self-structuring flow, for instance, is said to guide resource allocation, procedures creation of rules. Organizations are structured to complete the task and; therefore, this kind of communication flow assists the organizations set the ground rules on how the work is to be completed. Organi.............

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