Collapse by Jared Diamond: Part Four

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One of the main issues tackled in this part is the impact of globalization on the business world. He explains that globalization has made it possible for materials to move beyond borders. It has allowed for market expansion and development of unlikely continents, which possibly without the concept of globalization would have remained under-developed for a long time. However, the globalized system has brought several problems, op among them being that economies are now completely linked. The collapse of one economy, could eventually lead to collapse of several economies. For instance, an increase in the price of oil in the production regions could indeed cripple all economies. In addition, the newly developing countries are facing even more misuse and exploitation of their natural resources as they try to meet the demand of the other nations. Countries that were beautiful and had high deposits of natural resources and minerals, are diminishing the said resources faster than the same is being produced.

Diamond also shows concern that international trade has opened doors for increased and expansion of international crime. Criminals take advantage of countries whose laws are more lenient to expand their criminal empires. Drugs and human trafficking have expanded to other borders, with countries that are yet to catch up in terms of laws and regulations suffering the most.

The desire to become like other societies, Diamond points out in the first part of part four, is one of the reasons for their collapse. He shows how societies are often lured to participate in foreign trade, to bring their goods to the market and take aid from other countries for development. While these decisions seem ideal in the short run, they are disastrous in the long run. In the pursuit to meet the market needs and pay off the aid given to them, countries over-exploit their resources and soon run out of their natural resources.

However, it should not be assumed that countries are not aware of the problems they are failing as Diamond shows, they are indeed aware and attempt to find solutions t some of the problems in society. Unfortunately many of the solutions they seek are not sustainable.  In fact many of the solutions sought are only short term, and though they seem to be working during the short duration, failure is almost always guaranteed. It seems that the societies, fail to perceive some of the challenges and problems that come from the short term solutions.

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Collapse by Jared Diamond: Part Four
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