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Chloe Shieh: A Musical Prodigy with Exceptional Talent and Passion

Jul 12, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jul 12, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Chloe Shieh is an intelligent, vibrant, and musically motivated fourteen-year-old girl. Chloe’s passion for music is significantly unique and he has definitely excelled in the music worked beyond her years. Chloe began her unique relationship with music very early in life in Melbourne Australia where she was born and raised. At the age of four, she played the piano and by the age of six, she was an exemplary violin player.

Chloe as an exceptional soul and quite outstanding violinist sat through the Australian Music Examination Board examinations and succeeded with High Distinctions. Moreover, she has pursued her passion for music in both the violin and piano and this is in preparation to undertake her Diploma of Associate in Music Australia.


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Chloe’s great passion has enabled Chloe even with her young age to attain a vast range of awards, particularly through participation in international competitions as well as Australia’s Eisteddfod and Music Festivals. Chloe’s hard work and ambition opened the path for her to attain the Violin third prize in the Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition 2018 as well as the third prize for the American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition 2017.

Chloe has been a role model to many of her peers in schools through the achievement of various awards. First of all, she received a Music Scholarship which was a great boost in pursuing her passion. She also receives the 2016 Rofe Award for Music. Moreover, she was made concertmaster of Firbank Grammar School Turner House Orchestra, and last but not least she was the String Quartet leader at school. All these achievements have been great stepping stones in sharpening her skills and talents.

Nevertheless, Chloe has been taught and trained by great teachers including Asmira Woodward-Page who was with her in both Newyork and Melbourne in 2017, Natasha Lipkina who was with her in her Master’s class as well as Roy Theaker who is a current violin teacher.

Chloe has grown as a violinist as she attended and performed at a significant number of events, concerts, orchestras, and even ensembles globally. Her great performances include the 2013-2014 AUSTA Victoria String Performers’ Festival, Melbourne Youth Orchestra, and the Music Society of Victoria from 2016 to date both in Melbourne Australia. Moreover, she has also performed as a violin soloist at the Cello Concert in Philadelphia USA 2017, Carnegie Hall in New York City, USA 2017, and the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium 2018. Chloe at her young age has performed in Melbourne’s prestigious concert halls including the Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne Town Hall, Deakin Edge Federation Square, and the Iwaki Auditorium ABC Centre.

With Chloe’s heart for music together with her mind for the practicality in life, Chloe is concerned with other aspects of building a foundation in her life for a great future. Chloe achieves Distinctions in her RAD exam. Chloe has also made outstanding strides in ballet and has more than once been nominated for ballet workshops, competitions as well as special events as a representative for her school. Moreover, Chloe was only recently been nominated for the 2018 Kathleen Gorham Memorial Awards. Therefore, Chloe is a key dancer in her school. Nevertheless, Chloe holds a great love for books, drawing, painting as well as listening to music. Thus, making her an all-rounded exceptional, and driven young girl with significant potential for a great musical future.

In conclusion, Chloe Shieh’s musical journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Her passion, dedication, and exceptional talent have propelled her to remarkable achievements at such a young age. From mastering the violin and piano to winning international competitions, Chloe has proven herself as a true musical prodigy. Her accomplishments serve as an inspiration to her peers and a testament to the power of hard work and determination. As she continues to grow and hone her skills, there is no doubt that Chloe’s future in the world of music holds great promise. We can only anticipate witnessing her shine even brighter and leave an indelible mark on the world of classical music. Chloe’s unwavering commitment to her craft and her all-rounded brilliance make her a true gem and a rising star in the realm of music and the arts.

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