Child Development

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Child Development

Socio- emotional development is a discipline that encompasses experience, management and expression of a child’s emotions and the ability to form rewarding and positive relationships with others (Horvat, 1986). The discipline of socio-emotional development encompasses other inter and intra personal processes. The main characteristics of emotional development include identification and understanding ability of one’s own feelings to read and comprehend accurately the other’s emotional states. Furthermore, it manages strong emotions and its expression in a positive manner, it regulates behavior of one for empathy development of others and to create and maintain relationships. A child requires the interpersonal context, family, peers and the society for socio- emotional development.

According to Hovart (1986), children first experience, then express and finally perceive emotions before fully understanding it. In the process of learning to recognize, to label, to manage and finally to communicate their own personal emotions and attempt to perceive and understand others’ emotions, children construct skills. The skills help them connect with family, teachers, peers and the community at large. Hovart (1986) further elaborates that these capacities assist children to be skilled in negotiating complete social interactions, effectively participate in group activities and relationships and to gain social support benefits, which are important to healthy human functioning and development.

According to Hovart (1986), child’s socio- emotional development unfolds in an interpersonal context such as that of ongoing positive relationships between familiar adults. It is noted that young children are specifically attuned to emotional and social stimulation. Even new borns tend to link stimuli that resemble faces and prefer the voices of their mothers to other women’s voices.

Care giving support, which is responsive to the child, regulates the emotions of the child and helps in development of .............

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Child Development
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