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Achieving Career Satisfaction: The Intersection of Values, Passions, and Talents

Jun 5, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jun 5, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

The type of career one chooses can be meaningful and fulfilling to him or her at the same time. Mixing my values and talents with passion is the best way to find my expressive job. It is not discovering a job that directly matches exact my passions but rather selecting a field that taps into or relates to them. Heading in a general but right direction can assist in the reduction of the duration that one takes to acquire any career. One can begin by finding the qualities they values and would wish to be part of their job career then select what they would do without any payments. Ability to identify the connecting point of values and talents provide an opportunity to engage in a field that one cares about and desires to be successful.


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Motivation towards a career when outside the job will automatically influence an individual’s action when working within the same career. The love for work gives the drive, clarity and happiness in working life. The more an employee feel motivated to perform and direct the passion to support the employer’s missions and values, the more the successful the organization become. In a suitable environment together with an evocative job adds to inspiring specialized life. It is hard to understand meaningfulness at work if one’s actions are inconsistent with values, talents, and passion they advocate outside job. There is a need for an essential association between an employer and the workforce: that is, a placement between individual values and those of employer to promote the satisfaction and viability of a career.

The distinctive combination of my skills and values gives me the best qualities that every employer desires to hire. I poses both basic and acquired skills from various fields of study, such as communication skills (written, listening, verbal), technical, research and management skills, interpersonal abilities, and multicultural sensitivity awareness. Besides, I am very flexible in planning and organization, good coordinator problem solver, creative and innovative as well. With all these skills together with time management ability and motivational level, increase the chances that an organizational will meet its goals effectively and efficiently.

My role as an employee is to take complete individual accountability for creating unique and result-oriented worth for an organization. Significantly, I have diverse values including adaptability, integrity, dedication, motivation, loyalty, dependability, honesty, and responsibility. My strength accompanies abilities such as readiness to learn, self-motivation, professionalism, and self-confidence. To add value to my employer, I must ensure a proper method of finance management, advance competence of a process and value of services provided, correct current issues, and prevent chances of future occurrence. Career development relates to the values an employee add the performance of an organization.

My personal understanding of professionalism changed after pursuing the course on career development. Professionalism is the spoken guidelines at workplace that include the attitude that one exposes. It relates to individual values and styles of communication, which shows one’s ability to approach an existing problem. Formally, I directed my choice of career towards salary-oriented jobs: that one works because they have to complete the job to get payments. The reason for the change in my views is the question of whether I would still enjoy working if money never existed; like some artist do. From this course, I concluded that mixing passion with values and talents encourages personal and organizational development.

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