Can you Hear Us Now?

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Can you Hear Us Now?

The world has become a smaller space with the emergence of technology. Tasks have become simpler and it is easy to communicate with people from different parts of the world. The article, Can you hear us now? By Frank Bures explores the impact of technology in the developing countries in Africa. Frank uses his own experiences to explain how technology has grown and is developing Africa. He explains that when he first went to Africa it was difficult to call back home. He says the phones were either broken or too slow to connect. When he returned, several years later he was able to call his wife to be without any difficult from his mobile phone. Africa is need of technology and this technology is essential in the poverty fight. Technology is useful in Africa since it is essential for not only communication but also to provide clean water and easy cooking methods for the women. Frank reports and states that a World Bank report found that technological advances were the primary way of reducing poverty in developing countries (Bures 1). The number of people leaving on less than a dollar per day is expected to reduce with the impact of technology. Developing countries are starting to catch up with the world technology, for instance it is easy to make a phone call from Africa to America. This paper explores ways in which technology can be used to fight poverty. The paper, shall refer to Frank Bures’ paper, Can you hear us?

Developing countries, especially those in Africa are constantly faced with challenges technological,

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Can you Hear Us Now?
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