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Business Strategy

Mar 2, 2017 | 0 comments

Mar 2, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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Business Strategy


The business deals with selling of disposable coffee cups to the restaurants and coffee outlets in the city. The company will offer the best disposable coffee cups to the city restaurants, hotels and coffee stores. This will be complimented with free delivery that makes the patrons to enjoy (Collins & Lazier, 1992).

Past Personal selling Philosophy

The company employed personal advertising with the identified clients. Furthermore, use of print media will be essential for disseminating information to many people.

Relationship Strategy  

The relationship strategy that the company uses includes producing appealing products. The customers of the company prefer well designed disposable coffee cups that are appealing to their clients. The customers also prefer products that are disposable and are environmentally friendly to avoid pollution. These are areas the company will capitalize on to build strong relationship.

Product Strategy

The company offered the clients the best coffee disposal cups. This will be achieved by sourcing aesthetic and unique designs, light and environmentally friendly raw materials, and products. The products will be aimed at making our clients attract many customers to their stores (Wickham, 2006).

Customer Strategy

To build and maintain customers who are loyal to the company, the company will adopt different strategies (Porter, 1985). The first one is to create quality products at a low cost. This will be cost friendly to the clients compared to our competitors

Our products will also be environmentally friendly. This conforms to the governments regulations on environmental protection and pollution which the clients will like

The company will also provide after sale services such as delivery of the products to their locations.


Presentation Strategy                                                   

The presentation strategy the company adopted included sales presentation and adaptive selling. This is where the products of the company were sold according to the prevailing market trends and customer’s wants. Moreover, another strategy used was value creation and negotiating the concerns of the client. This saw the design of unique products and production of environmentally friendly products

Lastly, another presentation the company employed was servicing of the sale and adapting the close. This ensured the sale was well managed and serviced to ensure the products reached the customers on time.

New and improved personal selling philosophy

The new and improved personal selling philosophy is to get the desire f the customers and the specific products they want and sell them. The products should be supplied on time to the customers and customer’s satisfaction should be the driving force of the product


In conclusion, the module has provided in-depth information on how to create a personal selling philosophy. Furthermore, customer, product, relationship and presentation strategy has been provided to assist in selling a new product.


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