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 Part A

The difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to how people use the internet today. Some scholars assert that there is no definite definition of web 2.0 and believe that the term is used for marketing. However, there is a definite distinction between web 1.0 and web 2.0. In web 2.0, people do not use with the internet but, instead interact with the internet. The key words used to describe web 2.0 are collaboration, community and user-driven. In the past, the use of web 1.0 was very linear. In the past, the Hackney, John. A History of Greek and Roman Philosophy. New York: Philosophical Library, 1966. internet applied in the as a business and utility tool. According to (Mitrović 2010), webmasters were responsible for creating the internet while the users visited and had a view of the websites. The communication was between the web users) and the webmaster. The pages of the webs were static, for instance, when the users wanted to enquire, the only option was to enquire from “Yahoo” or “ask Jeeves.” Today, the internet has the option of Google and Bing.

Web 2.0 sites permit interaction with the webmaster and site and other individuals who use the site. For instance, web 2.0 websites include internet social pages; MySpace and Facebook. Web 2.0 is about applications of the web that can allow users to interact with it as well as have control. Today, almost everyone is creating his or her own site and fill with contents that make them happy. However, in web 1.0, web creation was done by the web experts.


A blog is a website that encompasses personal journals online with the comments, reflections, and hyperlinks indicated by the writer or the owner. The contents of a blog incorporate the following; the blog verb, blog.ging noun and the blo.ger noun. The blogs are often frequently written and in chronological order written online for everyone to have a view. The common types of blogs include; artlog, photoblog, sketchblog, vlog and MP3 blog.


Microblogs are server software that allows the internet users to post a small piece of any digital content in the website. The contents may be pictures, texts, links and short videos. Microblogs permit network of communication of low latency. The I2P network was designed largely to enhance anonymous communication portability mode with an organic or spontaneous feeling to the users. It assists friends to keep in touch, associates in business use for meeting coordination.


Wikis refer to collaborative server software that consists of a collective work of many authors. Wikis are often similar to blogs in terms of logic and structure, however, wikis allow people to edit, delete or modify online graphic design because it can employ motion, light and audience interaction. My favorite part in designing websites are in creating the best themes, organizing the content that has been put on the website by use of the browser interface.

Social Networks

A social network is a dedicated website or any other website application that allows communication between the users by posting comments, information, images and messages. In social networks, the users gather and share fresh experiences and information about their all day activities (Partridge 2011).


Networking refers to the act of information exchanging between two individuals. Networking incorporates relationship establishment with individuals who are important in one’s life.

Social Collaboration

Social collaboration in business allows companies to use social media interactions and exchange information and business ideas in an integrated manner. When the companies use social media interactions, the customers become knowledgeable and collaborate in their work through mass media communication. With growing technology, new research reveals that the social collaboration can enable the busi.............

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