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Blood Diamond

Jun 10, 2019 | 0 comments

Jun 10, 2019 | Essays | 0 comments

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Blood Diamond and Lone Survivor


Based on the study of the body of work by the director, I would categorize him as a very conscious and all-rounded person. This is because he tries to portray a society with all kinds of people. He represents every person in a society in this movie for example; he talks about the miners like Solomon who worked in the diamond mines, the traders are represented as well because they are the people who exchanged diamonds with weapons to help in the war, he includes the slaves like the kids who were taken away from their families and were trained into soldiers to help them forget their families, Maddy Bowen represents the reporters and he includes the fishermen who are represented by Solomon Vandy from Sierra Leonne.

In the film, the following transitions were effective; First and foremost, the director of the movie puts the Revolutionary United Front in a bad light and condemns them for their actions. He tries to portray that RUF as a terrorist group when he shows their violent and brutal actions. The RUF’s justify their actions by saying they are the people who give them freedom after colonialism. Secondly, the marker of the film tries to raise the awareness of the different conflicts that diamond trade and tries to reinforce the Kimberly process 1 and shows how it stems from conflict diamond flows. This led to diamond companies for example De Beers2 to begin a pre-emptive public relations campaign to create awareness to the miners that their diamonds were conflict-free. Lastly, the beauty of Sierra Leonne as a country and the landscape gives a big contrast to the horrifying acts of those living in the country. As the audiences are disturbed by the violence and slavery, they do not forget the beautiful landscape and the sunset, the forestry, and even the wildlife in the country.

The effectiveness of the performances of the actors is as follows; actors who are portrayed as real soldiers and died for the love of their country whose family members will view the film was a serious responsibility for quite a number of them. Marcus Luttrell a navy SEAL was the only individual to survive. He was lucky enough to be saved by villagers from Afghan and they took care of him till they came to his rescue. The major similarity between the films I studied is that at the end of each film, they tried to find a solution to the cause of the conflicts.

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