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Black doormen seek justice from Eliot Spitzer, by Cyril Josh Barker

Oct 24, 2018 | 0 comments

Oct 24, 2018 | Essays | 0 comments

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Black doormen seek justice from Eliot Spitzer, by Cyril Josh Barker
The article focuses on the one of most common issues employees face in the workplace. The focus of the title is racial discrimination at the workplace. Four black doormen who formerly worked for Bernard Spitzer file for discrimination against the Spitzer alleging they were fired indiscriminately. The court awarded the men $1.3 million after the jury found out they were indiscriminately fired. Spitzer then appealed, and Spitzer previously hired the three of the judges hearing the case when he was the state Attorney General. The respondents claim that most of the employees in the building were whites and a few Latinos. From the hearsay evidence in court, the respondents claimed that other employees mentioned that Mr. Spitzer did not want black people to work for him and that the reason they were fired was because they were black.
This article relates to Human resource management since it is about racial discrimination in the workplace. There exist various laws that prohibit discrimination in the workplace, for example, the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has a set of laws that prevent all forms of discrimination. I think the main process of preventing discrimination at the workplace would be first to familiarize with anti-discrimination laws. For example, employees need to be occasionally educated on the antidiscrimination laws available. The second step is for the organization Human Resource department to develop comprehensive anti-discrimination laws. Thirdly, the organization can develop mandatory anti-racial discriminatory programs; through this mechanism, the employees will understand the anti-discriminatory policies in the organization. Additionally, the program needs to be comprehensive in nature should extend beyond minor racial discrimination issues. Fourthly, it is appropriate for the respective department to investigate any complaints of discrimination.
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